I Wish

When Niall starts at a new school, he meets Molly and her friends. Molly's perfect for Niall, but she's dating Cliff, who's Mr. Popular... Will Niall's wish ever come true?



12. Meeting the boys

Issy and Molly got out of the car, and quickly adjusted their dresses. Issy had curled her hair, and sprayed it, whilst Molly had gone for a bun. Issy scanned the surrounding area, looking for someone to say hi to. She ignored the sight of Cliff, who Molly had already gone over to see. Issy spotted Niall, looking very dapper indeed, in his prom suit. Issy smiled to herself, he was usually far more casual than that and she thought it was so sweet that he'd put that much effort into his outfit. He'd quiffed his hair too, which made the look complete, as it added a really fresh and sharp appearance too it all.

"Hey Niall!" Issy called, to get his attention. Niall looked over, "Issy!" He replied with a grin. He went over to her and hugged her quickly. It was a friendly hug though, nothing more. "Awww, you look so pretty" Niall smiled shyly. "Aww thanks Niall, you look really smart" Issy encouraged. She saw Niall's expression sadden, as he peered over her shoulder at something and Issy knew that something wasn't quite right. She rubber necked, and saw Cliff and Molly together behind her, being very overly affectionate. They were kissing passionately and staring longingly into each others eyes and she could understand why Niall was so upset about that, as she was the only one, other than the band, who knew what Niall's exact feelings for Molly were. Issy knew it was hard for Niall and she knew that it was hurting him, deep inside his heart. She decided that she should do something quickly.

"Hey Niall, let's go inside, I'm dying to meet the boys, it's gonna be great getting to know them!" she beamed, trying to keep her voice tone positive and upbeat sounding, to encourage Niall a bit. Niall nodded slowly, and they linked arms. They walked up to a large wooden door, and opened it with the elaborate, wrought Iron door handle. Niall stopped with Issy as they entered the corridor. He turned to face her. "Issy..." "Yes Nialler". There was a bit of a pause, and Niall drew a deep breath. "Thanks for getting me out of there, you're a great friend" He said gratefully. "I guess it could be that, but personally I just see it as my fantastic ability to empathise with people, and then do the right thing." she smiled warmly, and Niall replied simply with a knowing smile, as all he could see when she spoke, was her amusing, bubbly personality.

The manor, where their prom was being held was even more stunning inside the building. It was so beautiful, with grand, white marble cloumns, with light grey feathery patterns about the white marble. At the top of these were ornate carvings of leaves, acorns or wild flowers, all done from different colours of varying types of marble or granite. Inside and out of the building, there were ever present examples of the manor's fabulous architecture.

Between them , they managed to work out how to get backstage, through a mixture of looking at signs and using common sense. They eventually found the door to the back stage room, where they knew the four boys would be waiting for them. They pushed the door open, and Niall was instantly swarmed by four boys who were all hyper on a mixture of Haribos, cola and a variety of energy drinks. Issy went inside the room and stood there at the side, looking a tad awkward, but she really didn't mind that much, as she knew that Niall hadn't seen the boys in ages and she knew how excited he was to see them again, so she made the decision to allow him as much time as he needed to say hi to the lads.

She decided to spend the few seconds, checking out what the boys were wearing for the prom. Zayn wore a light grey, check suit in a slim cut, with a burgundy button down shirt, and no tie, and a tan coloured, leather belt at his waistband and a pair of desert boots, the same colour as his belt. It really did suit him, along with his faultless quiff and his gorgeous stubble. Lucky Perrie Issy thought to herself. Liam wore a blue matching waistcoat and trousers, that were a shade of blue somewhere in between royal blue and navy blue, and the waistcoat had brown buttons. He wore a light grey shirt underneath with a skinny white tie, and a pair of plain, black, smart, lace up shoes, like the sort the average man might for example wair to work. Louis wore a pair of slim fitting navy trousers, with tan brown brogues, with no socks, a light blue shirt, navy braces, a light blue (though darker than the shirt) and white, thinly striped bow tie. He didn't wear a blazer, because he had decided that braces were a sufficient supliment. Louis had also quiffed his hair, like Zayn and Niall.  Harry hadn't done much with his hair, and he wore a white suit, which had been very expensive, and was a very slim fit, and he wore a black shirt and a pure silk, purple bow tie which  was decorated with minute, pin head sized Swarovski diamonds, which were dotted around the bow tie. To complete the look, he wore a pair of black, leather chelsea boots.

After Niall had finished being mobbed, he introduced Issy. "Oh guys, this is Issy." Niall grinned. Then it was Issy's turn to be mobbed by One Direction. There was a shout from a bradford accent that she knew belonged to Zayn. "We've heard lots about you", and what she recognised to be Louis' voice shouted "Niall say's you're great!". Issy smiled, partly because she knew how hyper they were, and she often got that hyper too, and partly because being mobbed by One Direction was such a nice experience to go through!

The boys spent another hour getting ready, and Issy helped where they could. They were mainly doing things like vocal warm ups, which Issy did know a little about, and finding Niall's plectrum, as he managed to loose it by dropping it. Issy provided a lot of help actually, as usually they had a massive team to do everything for them, but it only then occured to them how much management do for them.

Author's Note-

Hey guys, two chapters in one night! Lucky you! I guess I'm feeling generous cuz it's Halloween tomorrow! BOO! hahaha...

Anywayz, I wanted to appoligise cuz it took me ages to update and I've been so busy, and my computer crashed yesterday when I was just about to publish a chapter, so it's been annoying and I hate technology, but I've posted two tonight.

If you have time, it would be great if you could check out my other fanfics, I've got a new set of boyxboy bromance oneshots that I'm starting to write, so please read those if you have time. I truly am greatful for all of you who read! Thanks guys!! ILY all xx

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