I Wish

When Niall starts at a new school, he meets Molly and her friends. Molly's perfect for Niall, but she's dating Cliff, who's Mr. Popular... Will Niall's wish ever come true?



4. Meet Niall Horan

The bell rang, much to their annoyance just before the two reached the common room, and Cliff and Molly were just leaving, to go to the form room. Fabe quick as a flash removed his leathers, revealling his school light grey suit, and he stuffed them into his locker, leaving his helmet balanced precariously on the top. Issy grabbed her bag, and they both hurried along the corridor to registration, which happened to be in a food tech room not too far away. They walked quickly, past the classrooms where the hyper giggling little year 8's were messing around waiting for the arrival of their form tutors.

Fabe pushed the door open and they both strolled in, Fabe doing so as if he owned the room and Issy doing so in a similar, yet not as cocky manner. "Ahh, Fabian and Isobel, you decide to join us at long last. You're both late, where have you been?" Mr Llywellyn their Welsh form tutor asked them in his broad vallies accent. "You know sir, one day you'll ask a sixth form couple why they're late and they'll give you a horrifically graphic description of what they were doing that made them late" Issy implied with a smirk. "Yes, well thank you Issy, please sit down both of you."

Issy and Fabe sat down at the same table that Molly and Cliff had inhabited and they all chatted and gossiped frantically, laughing at jokes and relaying stories of a jam packed summer. Issy still hadn't passed her driving test, which all of the others found hillarious as all of the others had done so a while ago. Cliff broke his arm at the start of summer and it had only just fully healed, he had been to hospital to have the cast removed just five days ago. Fabe had gotten a job over summer as a lifeguard and it had been absoloutley awful, due to all the screaming little five year olds running around everywhere and fat, ugly ten year old girls flirting with him. Molly had done nothing at all during summer and she'd been bored senseless, with all her friends busy or on exotic holidays, whilst her parents had this year forced the family on a hiking and camping expedition in the freezing cold icy rain in the middle of the Scottish highlands.The whole of their form was busy chatting whilst Mr. Llywellyn made some attempt to take the register, and only just managed.

Then, all of a sudden there was a knock on the classroom door and the whole form instantly became silenced. "Come in" the Welsh, biology teacher called. The door was shoved open by a rosy faced, jolly woman with short grey hair and a hideous jumper which somehow resembled a giant off pink slipper sock, who worked in the school office. "Hello class" she beamed over enthusiastically. It didn't help with Niall's nerves one bit. "As I'm sure you are all aware, there is a new student joining school today, and he is going to be placed in your form. His name is Niall Horan". Niall's stomach lurched with the nerves and all of a sudden he went very pale indeed.

"Thank you very much" Mr. Llywellyn smiled warmly. He scanned the classroom for a space for the new boy to sit. His eye was drawn to an empty seat and he decided that Niall could sit there. "Niall, I am Mr. Llywellyn you're new form tutor. I teach science, mainly biology. You can sit with Molly, Issy, Fabe and Cliff" he said, indicating their table.

Niall felt sick with nerves; he was anxious and worried that it would all turn out wrong. The plus side however, was that these four seemed pretty decent people and he'd have to get to know them, but they seemed very friendly and incredibly funny. He was determined to complete that year and leave school with some qualifications, as well as some great new friends, but all of a sudden he missed the boys, all four of them, and josh and dan and everyone! He held his head high though and fought back the tears, he had to make a good impression, it was vital!

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