I Wish

When Niall starts at a new school, he meets Molly and her friends. Molly's perfect for Niall, but she's dating Cliff, who's Mr. Popular... Will Niall's wish ever come true?



10. Lesson Three

The bell rang sharply, to inform everyone that break had ended and that they needed to go to their next lesson, lesson three. Molly and Issy had history, but their class was at that point working on a very difficult research project in the library, so they headed to the library together, knowing that it would be a mind numbingly tedious, but hopefully preductive lesson. Cliff and Fabe quickly changed into their sports kit, and jogged to the gym together. Niall was already in the gym, still feeling sick and hurt inside. "Right lads, get warmed up! We'll be in the gym in a few minutes" Miss Lyndon, the head P.E. teacher yelled. She wanted to finish her cup of coffee before her and Miss Wystan had to go and teach the sixth form boys. The sixth form boys, A level P.E. class was a lot harder than your average class of year sevens, eights or nines.

Issy sat next to Molly in the library, the two of them board senseless, and Issy getting distracted from her work, with a bit of a head ache. It wasn't far into the start of the lesson, maybe ten minutes more or less, but she decided to ask if she could go and get a drink. "Miss Brownston, I really need a drink, could I possibley go and get one from the water fountain please" She begged. "Do you really need one? You've only just had break time, you should have done that then." Miss Brownston frowned. "I was busy revising my Spanish though, we have a speaking exam coming up so I'm revising whenever I can" Issy lied. "Okay then Issy, but you've got to be as quick as you possibley can." "Okay Miss, I will be as fast as I can".

Issy left the Library, and walked the few metres along the corridor, to the water fountain. She grabbed a flimsy plastic cup, and filled it with icy cold water, enjoying the silence and lack of stress at that moment. She began to drink from the cup, and it felt so refreshing as it trickled down her dry throat. She stood there, listening to the lads who she knew were at that moment in the gym. Normally she would smile at that, but for some reason that she couldn't put her finger on, it didn't sound quite right. They sounded, by the sound of their voices, angry and threatening. She took a step closer to the door which at that time was closed, and put her ear up to the door. They had to be without a teacher, no teacher would let their pupils speak to one another with those tones! She rammed the door open, to see all of the boys in that class huddled into a corner.

Niall stood amongst the huddle of boys feeling worried as hell. He faced all of them, and they were all there infront of him, furious! He knew that they would get him. He wished like mad for an escape route as his claustraphobia took over, but he knew he couldn't appear weak infront of them. He'd never been bullied before! He was always making jokes, laughing, and being nice to everyone at school and he never got picked on. This wasn't the all boys school that Niall had been used to in his previous education, before One Direction, there were girls involved here! He couldn't see a way out, Paul and Preston weren't there to help, none of security was, the boys weren't there, the fans weren't there, Simon wasn't there, neither was Greg, or his parents!

Issy crushed the cup in her hand, as loudly as she could, cutting through the silence, echoing through the large space of the gym. It did the trick, and made them pause, drawing the attention to her rather than what was going on... and she had realised, Niall had to be in the centre of that huddle, waiting to recieve a beating. She slowly walked over, ensuring that all their eyes were still on her. Halfway across the gym, she tossed the cup across the floor behind her, and threw her blazer to the floor, ready for action incase she needed to create action, and also trying to keep their eyes on her. She carried on walking, and eventually, she got to the huddle, and pushed her way past some boys and found herself in the centre of the huddle. all eyes turned back to the middle, where she was now stood, between Cliff and Niall.

To one side of Cliff stood Fabe and to the other side, stood Jack, Cliff's cousin. Issy knew that Cliff was popular and popular people had friends, groups, gangs and Niall didn't have his gang with him, so Issy had to be his gang for him. That wasn't too much for her to handle, she was naturally an agressive person and with her Karate on top of that, she knew the fight would be over before it truly started. "Cliff, tell your gang to stand down, leave Niall alone and it will all be fine, and Fabian Ackerly Hunter Everard how dare you join in with a gang up on Niall, you can stop this too! Now Cliff, tell them all to stand down" Issy said, pretending to be far more confident than she truly felt. "I can't do that Issy, you know I can't" Cliff told her through gritted teeth, clearly frustrated.

"Are you kidding me Cliff? Oh my gosh, you're serious aren't you! I hate you so much sometimes Cliff, you're so two faced." Issy snapped. Sudenly at that moment, Cliff punched at Issy. It wasn't a particullarly skilled punch, it was weak with poor aim and little technique. Issy's arm snapped into a block all of a sudden, and when she blocked, she blocked strongly, with such force that it knocked him off balance. "I HATE YOU CLIFF YOU SON OF A... HOW BLOODY DARE YOU" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Miss Lyndon sat in the P.E. office with Miss Wystan, just chatting about the lesson. That's when they heard Issy's blood curdling screams. "What the hell was that?" Miss Lyndon asked. "You can bet your life it's Issy... I used to coach her for karate and she's the only one I know who can scream like that. I'm pretty certain I'm right." The two P.E. teachers got up quickly and jogged into the gym. "you were right you know Miss" said Miss Lyndon.

"Right, what's happened here?" Miss Lyndon asked. Issy was about to give her side of the story, but before she could say anything Cliff interupted, immediately going on the deffensive. "Miss she wacked at my arm and it absoloutley kills! You need to do something about her Miss, before she hurts anyone else."

Miss Wystan smiled a little, with the pride that one of her karate students had achieved something like that, but she remembered that she had to stay professional. "Issy, is that true?" Miss Wystan asked. "Well, I guess that depends on how you look at it, but let me tell you what happened. I'm meant to be in a history lesson in the library, but I popped out quickly to get a drink of water, from the water fountain and I head the boys argueing so I decided to go in, because it sounded as if it was getting pretty nasty in there, so I came in to intervene or at least help the situation and they had Niall cornered and they were about to beat him up really bad, so I stepped inbetween Niall and Cliff, who was the ring leader, and then I told Cliff to tell his gang to stand down and he refused, so I blocked really hard, and I guess I blocked so hard that it hurt his arm. So other than blocking his attack and shouting really loudly, I haven't touched him." She informed the teachers.

"Niall is this true?" Miss Wystan questioned. Niall nodded cautiosly. "Fabian?" Miss Lyndon asked. "Well... Erm... I'm not sure" He puzzled. "Not sure!?!? What's that supposed to mean!?!?" Miss Lyndon shouted. "It means" Issy interupted "that he's unable to chose between bestfriend and girlfriend." Issy told her.

Issy raised her hand shakily, about to slap Fabe around the face, but then she remembered that there were teachers present, and she'd rather not get in that much trouble. "Yeah please don't Issy, if you were to slap him, it wouldn't be pretty and the floor would be covered in blood, and you know what health and safety's like, it would be a major slip hazord!" Miss Wystan smiled warmly. "It would be Cliff's problem, he's the one on cleaning duty tonight! But okay, you're right, I'll leave Fabe, because I don't ever want to touch him again! Fabe, we're over!"




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