I Wish

When Niall starts at a new school, he meets Molly and her friends. Molly's perfect for Niall, but she's dating Cliff, who's Mr. Popular... Will Niall's wish ever come true?



15. Hospital

 Louis parked the limo at the hospital, taking up two parkinng spaces. It did make him feel a tiny bit selfish, but what else could he have done? Issy left carrying Cliff to the boys, she would have been perfectly able to carry him with them, but she decided not to, and instead, she directed them, as she knew where she was going, but the boys weren't local. The hospital was a fairly typical hospital, a relitively modern, red brick building, with staff busling around everywhere in annoyingly neat, quite formal, starched uniforms, no matter what they did there.

Eventually, Issy saw Cliff's mum, outside the hospital. "Hello Mrs. Thurnstan" Issy said, forcing a smile. She couldn't stand the woman in truth, she hated her. She reminded her far too much of cliff, who Issy had secretly never liked, and she had that snobbish, snide air about her, just like her son, and she always seemed just too proud, cheering her children on at the stupidest things, and bragging about their achievements to anyone who would pretend to care. She always wore far too much make up, which definately didn't suit her, and her perfume was always sickeningly strong, and overly pungent, and her hair die always looked really naff, never quite doing the job properly, still leaving a few, prominent grey hairs. She always wore blazers too, and Issy was completely certain that she wore them deliberately, just to make her look posher and wealthier than she was. It knocked Issy sick.

"Oh my gosh, is my Cliff okay? Oh my poor baby, oh dear, who on earth would hurt my baby like this?" She whined, as Issy spotted a smeer of crimson coloured lipstick on her teeth and stiffled back laughs. "Erm, well Mr. Llywellyn told me that Cliff should be okay, as long as we get him some medical attention, as soon as possible, so that he can go home and rest later." Issy said, trying to keep a straight face. "Well what would he know!" She exclaimed, doubting that anyone else might know better than herself. "Erm... He is a biology teacher, and he has seen drunk people before who've taken drugs... it's not really an uncommon thing..." Issy said, her patience growing shorter with every word from this horrid woman who she so badly wanted to slap around the make up caked face. "DRUGS! who on earth would force my son to take drugs! That's a horrendous thing for someone to make my precious baby do!" She said, strating to get stressy. "Mrs Thurnstan, he voulantarily did it, he chose to do it him self, no one made him and no one was there like egging him on, he was all on his own, getting drunk and taking drugs..." Issy said, annoyed, and filled with rage at the ridiculous situation, that she was only just managing to contain.

Cliff groaned, knowing that he'd just found out, and his mum would flip out at him as soon as he got better. "Oh shut up Cliff!" Issy snapped, finally loosing it, "it's your own stupid fault anyway, you got yourself into this, and she was going to find out about it sooner or later, I'm sorry, but what the hell did you expect!" She yelled. That felt amazing, she'd wanted to do that for so damn long. She slapped him in the face. "Get over it!" she screamed, "and you can leave Niall alone too, for good!" She said, sternly. Mrs. Thurnstan tutted at her, but didn't want to say anything, as she kind of believed that it was a tiny bit true.

Issy turned round to the boys, and gestured that they should take him inside. "He deserved it" Liam murmered, as he saw Cliff's pink cheek. Issy gave him a small smile, feeling slightly more reassured that she'd done the right thing. "Yeah, well done Issy" Zayn said quietly, giving her a grin. Louis patted her on the back, and Harry gave her a nod. They got him into the hospital, and the tired looking secratary took his details. The boys carried him through to a waiting room, with seats covered in a cold feeling, vile coloured, fake leather. There was a wheelchair there waiting for him, which they dumped him in.

Then, it started. As soon as one ten year old girl saw them, and shreeked "IT'S ONE DIRECTION!", then everyone looked up, and then they were mobbed, with random people declaring their love for the band, or certain members, asking for photos, begging  for the boys to sign random things, anything that people could get their hands on for the boys to sign. The boys produced markers, one each, and got busy. "We keep them on us, they're essential" Louis smiled, in his broad, yorkshire accent to Issy.

They spent a further forty five minutes in that hospital, catering to those who were fans, and those who just knew them as those boys that were famous, and all those girls scream about. Issy helped as best as she could, calming fans down and trying to keep order, and prevent some of the mobbing, but she knew what it was like to be a huge directioner, and she put herself in their shoes. If she was just sat in a hospital and One Direction wondered in, she'd have known it before anyone else, and physically fought anyone who got in her way, body guard or other fans, she'd have done anything to get to them! Issy also grabbed some energy drinks, cola, caffinated coffee to keep them awake and hydrated, and some chocolate bars and packets of crisps for later, all from vending machines.

They eventually crawled out of the hospital, looking a bit more scruffy than they'd previously done. Zayn's hair was falling flat, and one of Louis' braces was hanging down. Harry had removed his bow tie and placed it in his blazer pocket, and undone his top button. Liam had taken his waistcoat off, and was carrying it in one hand, and had untucked his shirt, undone his top button and loosened his tie. They sped off, with Louis in the driver's seat, to find somewhere to go party!

Author's Note-

hey there guys! I'm so glad Issy slapped Cliff, he needed it! ugh, his mum... ugh, just ugh can't stand her and she isn't even real...

so I'm still interested as to whether you guys think I should do a sequal or not... I guess it's kinda hard for you to decide because  I haven't finished the story yet, but I'm coming close to the end, so I'm trying to get thinking about what I should do next...

I wanna just thank you if you're reading this, cuz it does mean a lot to me, that people are recognising and enjoying my work, it makes me feel kinda proud that people are reading it too, so I just wanna say thanks to all of you! luv y'all! Nouis Toran x

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