I Wish

When Niall starts at a new school, he meets Molly and her friends. Molly's perfect for Niall, but she's dating Cliff, who's Mr. Popular... Will Niall's wish ever come true?



5. First Day Back

Niall sat down at the table where he'd been told to sit. He really hoped that it would be a good place to sit, and that they'd welcome him. "Hi Niall, I'm Issy, the loud one!

she smiled warmly, smiling as widely as Niall thought was humanly possible and showing off one of her best asseys, her cute dimples, particullarly well. Issy decided that it would just be easiest if she were to introduce them all to Niall, this cute, green eyed, unnaturally blonde, Irishman. "This is Molly, my best friend. we are like the school's best comedy duo I would peraonally say" she grinned proudly.

 "This is Cliff, he's Molly's boyfriend, school sporting legend, captain of every single sports team he's on and this is my boyfriend Fabian, but we all call him Fabe because it sounds... y'know less formal and less posh, even though he's actually very posh indeed" she smirked whilst Cliff and Molly chuckled to themselves. "Guys!" Fabe exclaimed " I'm not that posh" he grinned , knowing he was lying.

Niall decided that these were nice and decent people and that they would all get on, even if to him, it did seem a little like he had been imposed on them and he was really hoping that they wouldn't view him as akward, clingy, rude, pathetic or generally horrid guy, he kinda feared that a bit. Niall was far too kind and pleseant , he could never be any of those things, but he was a little self concious and didn't want to make a bad impression on the group of people in his new circle of friends.

Mr. Llywellyn busied himself by handing out various letters and pieces of paper that were suposedly important things for the pupils to have, even though he knew too well that they were useless a waste of ink and paper as they would most likely get lost, screwed up an binned or put somewhere and never looked at ever again. Things like behavioural codes of conduct- they were 17 or 18 years old! They weren't thick, they knew how to behave at school! "Ridiculous" he sighed to himself under his breath in his soft, Welsh accent.

 He then ditrubuted the time table for each individual student, and all of a sudden, the conversation turned from having chats and gossips, to being laden with comparison. Everybody wanted to find out which lessons they had when, with which teachers, and which lessons they had with their closest friends, as oposed to which lessons they had with people who they secretly hated.

Niall, Molly, Fabe, Issy and Cliff decided to compare their time tables, like everyone else, as it was actually a fairly important thing to do. Molly and Niall had Music together, whilst Issy had Sociology and Cliff and Fabe had DT. Issy and Niall had spanish together too, whilst Molly was in German with Cliff and Fabe had Italian. Then Molly and Issy had Food Technology with Niall and Cliff and Fabe had Maths. Molly and Issy also had History together, whilst the boys did P.E.  It seemed like they had good time tables and there free periods were in the perfect places. In truth, they all couldn't wait to start the year, and get on with their lessons.

The rest of the day was boring and in truth, they all found it pretty pointless. Niall met the head teacher in the special begining of year assembley, when she made a special announcement about how incredibly proud she was that her school had the privaladge to teach him for this highly crucial year in his education. It was so formal and posh and Niall hated it.

After school, Niall met Paul, who was looking after him for that year whilst Preston looked after the other four boys if they required it. Niall wondered what the lads were doing at that moment, without him. In truth, Zayn was probably spending some quality time with Perrie and Louis with Eleanor. He didn't know where Liam and Dani stood, and to be honest he wasn't entirelly sure that Liam himself did either. Harry was most likely spending time with his family at home too. He was the youngest of the band and Anne had found it so hard as since he was 16, she'd barely seen him, so Niall guessed that one year would be much appreciated by Anne. The boys had all agreed really to give fame a break for a year and then make a huge comeback tour, with as many venues as they could, and very cheap tickets, so that as many of their fans as possible could go to see them. That would be great!

Author's Note-

Hey guys, I wanna apoligise cuz I haven't updated in days and I had prommised myself that I  would update as much as possible, I've been really busy with schooland I've been getting ready to go to spain, and then I got a cold, so yeah sorry... I hope that  eveyone's enjoying the story so far, but I woould be really grateful if people woul comment on my work... y'know just saying if you like it or if there's something you think i could work on... Cheers people xD


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