I Wish

When Niall starts at a new school, he meets Molly and her friends. Molly's perfect for Niall, but she's dating Cliff, who's Mr. Popular... Will Niall's wish ever come true?



3. Fabian

Issy jogged down the stairs and exited the building. She hit the fresh air and strolled towards the side gate of the school. It did look a mess that gate, with paint peeling off. They were once a navy blue colour, but now faded to a shade of lighter, cornflower blue. Underneath this crumby paint, rusting and partially corroded iron showed in various shades of brown and orange and it was in truth a bit of a mess. They hadn't been repainted or replaced in about twenty years or so, and they truly did need it. Issy wondered if they ever would get replaced, but she highly doubted that she would ever see them, even if they were.

As Issy had predicted, her boyfriend Fabe was over by the gate, busy sorting his motorbike out. She really didn't get all that motorbike and mechanics stuff, but it made him happy, and she knew too well that he loved that bike to bits and he'd been given it as a sixteenth birthday present from his ridiculously, immensly rich parents. He cared for it so much, and rode it everywhere, investing a lot of money in it. Fabe had been able to ride for ages and had passed his test the first time he took it. His keen intrest had been sparked by his uncle who was the mirror image of Fabian and exactly like him in every which way.


Fabe looked up, saw Issy and smiled sweetly. "Hey there darlin' " he called with one of his gorgeous, cheeky grins. He flipped the visor down, and lifted his helmet off. Despite him having worn a helmet, his quiff remained perfectly intact. "How are you mister?" she asked him, smiling "I'm good cheers" he replied with a bit of a laugh. He kissed her on the lips quickly and they felt so soft and they tasted of the raspberry flavoured lipgloss that she was wearing. Issy and Fabe certainly weren't as 'touchy feely' as Molly and Cliff were with one another, but they were still such a cute couple, one of the cutest in the whole school.

"I've got something for you actually" Fabe remembered with his gorgeous Londony accent. He rummaged through his designer rucksack and produced a black, rectangular box with a silky, golden ribbon around it, tied in a neat bow. He placed the box in her hand, and she held it carefully. She gently tugged at the bow, and it came off. She opened the box and it was lined with black velvet. Inside a silver and amethyst necklace was displayed. Issy gasped. "It's stunning Fabe, I love it, thank you so much baby".


She held her curls out of the way, and he stood behind her, fastening the necklace carefully. He kissed her tenderly on the neck. When he was done, she turned around and hugged him. "What's this for" she asked with a smile, as she looked into his deep, dark, brown eyes. "It's just a present because I love you and I haven't seen you in ages!" "We saw each other last week Fabe! Thank you so much! I don't have a present for you Fabe, I don't know what to do, I can get you something tomorrow if..." but Fabe cut her off, "Baby, this hug is more than enough of a present!" They stayed in that hug for  about a minute more.

When they pulled away from the hug, they realised the time, and saw that the bell would be going in under a minute, so they headed to the common room, as quickly as they possibly could.

 Author's Note-

I wanna dedicate this chapter to Elyar Fox, because he inspired the character of Fabe for me. He's so gorgeous and he's an amazing artist! He's on you tube, but I think he also has some stuff on Itunes as well so if you can, please check him out, he does covers and original songs too and he's got so much talent. I wanna wish him good luck cuz he's recording his first album at the moment but I know that he'll be able to make it big in the music industry!

 I used a picture of him for Fabe in the character profile for this story, so yeah, have a look if you want.

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