I Wish

When Niall starts at a new school, he meets Molly and her friends. Molly's perfect for Niall, but she's dating Cliff, who's Mr. Popular... Will Niall's wish ever come true?



6. Confiding

six months later...

Niall sat in the library, trying to endure his free period. It seemed to drag out for twice as long as it should have done. He was meant to be going through some food technology work that he didn't understand with Molly and Issy, but they had needed to go into the town centre (which was only about ten minutes walk away more or less) to buy something that they'd said was important.

It was last lesson, and very tedious, and Niall was very stuck, but he kept waiting, because after school Issy would be waiting with him in the library as she had to take the bus and it came quiet late after school, and Niall promised to wait with her. He couldn't wait, he loved chatting with Issy as she was so funny, yet so caring and she was always ready to listen, yet she could talk for Britain if she had to!

The bell rang and he got up abruptly, rammed his stuff into a pile and picked the pile up. he went to sit over in the quiet corner of the library where he'd agreed to sit with Issy. It was a little gap between two bookcases, maybe only two metres wide at the widest point, and he had been told by Issy, when she'd first sat there with him after school one afternoon, that it was one of Issy and Molly's favourite places to sit and have a good old chat. He could see why aswell, it was a private little corner, surrounded by shelves of  factual books that nobody bothered to read anymore, so no one went there generally, and though it was a private and generally undisturbed corner it had a clear view of the entrance to the library, so you could see everyone who entered or exited the large, book filled room.

He settled down and it wasn't long before Issy strolled in. He smiled immediately and waved at her. She instantly came over to see him. "Hey Nialler, you okay?" she asked. Niall paused to think of a reply. Inside he was annoyed that she'd gone out with Molly and they'd left him, but then again, they did invite him, and he had said no. He couldn't stay mad at Issy for long anyway, as they were very close friends, and he was probably closest to her out of the group. She'd reached him and he grinned at how she towered over him. He was at that point sat down, but even if he was stood up, she was still taller than him, at five foot nine and a half, infact she was only half an inch shorter than Liam and Harry and she was equally as tall as Louis and Zayn, if not taller.

Issy slumped down next to him. "Yeah, I'm good thanks," he replied at last "that food tech work is so hard, who knew that cooking could be so scientific" he sighed. Issy smiled a little, not in a cruel and mocking way, but in a knowing and caring way. "If you need help Niall, ask and I'll fit you in when I have the time, sorry I couldn't fit you in today, but I had to go into town." "Okay, I'll have a think" Niall said. Something important was pressing in his mind though, something important that he had been meaning to tell her for months, something that he desperately needed to talk to her about.

Niall took a large breath of air. "Issy... " "yes" "I... I think I'm... I think that I'm in love with... with Molly" He said. There was a pause. "Okay Niall. I think you should tell her, just talk to her about it... but not yet. I'll try and talk to her tomorrow, she's giving me a lift in the morning and I'll talk to her then maybe, just maybe she'll realise that you're nicer than Cliff. It's difficult though, since she is with him and I don't wanna directly myself break them up, but for you Niall, I'll try and help her see how nice you are." Thank you so much Issy, I'm really grateful, I owe you. Do you think that it will work out though?" "yes, I know it already" she smiled reassuringly.

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