I Wish

When Niall starts at a new school, he meets Molly and her friends. Molly's perfect for Niall, but she's dating Cliff, who's Mr. Popular... Will Niall's wish ever come true?



2. Back to School


Molly stepped out of her blue mini cooper car and slammed the door. She could already feel the buzz of the first day back at school; a mixture of excitement and nerves filled the atmosphere. Her best friend Issy clambered out of the car the passenger side, somewhat more clumsily than Molly had done. She straightened her new, charcoal grey suit. "Big day today isn't it Mol?" she said with a smile that showed off her dimples brilliantly.  "Yep" Molly nodded in reply with and equally as wide smile. The two girls grabbed their school bags from the boot of the car and Molly pushed it shut, before locking the car up and slipping the car keys into her blazer pocket.

They didn't usually drive to school together, as Issy usually got the bus or grabbed a lift with someone who lived closer to her than Molly, but they'd wanted to start the first day of year 13 together, as it would be the start of their last year at school and they'd been at school together for five years so far, and their incredibly close friendship had lasted the whole of that time.

It was supposed to be a fairly normal last year, but this year, for them, there was a difference; Niall Horan, the Irish member of the totally gorgeous boyband One Direction was going to do year 13 at their school, as he had never actually finished school.

Issy followed Molly across the road from where they were parked, dodging cars as they went. They reached the pavement the other side of the road, and then they somewhat more casually strolled  through the school gates. The two girls had finally reached the very top of the school, so they had risen to the top of the hierarchy, well apart from the teachers, and that meant that everyone else looked up to their year. Wow! they took a look at the grand and prestigious looking, antique old main building. It was pretty impressive. "Hasn't changed at all" Molly smiled to herself, "mmm" Issy agreed. It had been a long six week summer and they had both enjoyed it, but the two mates were glad to be back. They smiled as a group of fresh faced giggling tiny year sevens walked past, each of them with ridiculously oversized rucksacks on their backs. "I'm suprised they don't topple over with weights like that strapped to the back of them." Issy laughed as they ran past them. Molly burst out laughing.

They wandered over to the farmiliar sixth form block, and they climbed the old, wooden staircase, and strolled along the corridor into their new common room. "Not bad is it?" Molly asked with an impressed smirk. "Better than the mess that we had to put up with last year, year 13's get far better common rooms then year 12's, it's great!"

Issy found a comfortable looking red chair and she dumped her bag on the floor beside it. She sat down and immediately sonk down into it. It was surprisingly comfortable and so much better than the things they'd had to sit on last year, which were thread bare, lumpy, wonkey and generally falling appart. She took her phone out and updated her Facebook status about how excited she was about being back at school, before checking out other peoples pages. Molly placed her bag down more gently, near where Issy was sat, and she went over to her boyfriend Cliff straight away.

"Hey babes" he grinned smoothly. He wrapped his arms around her waist and breathed in her scent "mmm you smell delicious princess" "It's Katy Perry's latest one, it's one of my favourites" She explained, her face light up. Cliff looked into her brown chocolate eyes with his dazling blue ones. The two kissed passionately, pulling eachother in close, and holding one another tightly yet delicately simultaneously.

Issy just sat there akwardly, whilst Molly and Cliff snogged. "Yeah, well I think erm... well maybe I should just erm... yep I'm gonna go and see if Fabe's arrived yet, yeah that's a good enough excuse to get me out of here" she grinned.

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