I Wish

When Niall starts at a new school, he meets Molly and her friends. Molly's perfect for Niall, but she's dating Cliff, who's Mr. Popular... Will Niall's wish ever come true?



7. Awkward

Issy jumped into Molly's car. She coulld smell the very pleasant new air freshener that Molly had bought for her car and it smelled great. Issy had passed her driving test, but she couldn't afford a car so she was saving up whilst hoping that somebody would buy her a car. Fabe was so rich that he would probably buy her a car for her 18th, which was in July.

Molly put the key into the ignition and twisted it. She drove off. Whilst Molly was driving, Issy switched the radio on and tuned into their favourite radio station, BBC radio 1, where Nick Grimshaw A.K.A. Grimmmy, one of Niall's best friends, would be doing the breakfast show. They loved it, because Grimmy was naturally so funny and he had an amazing taste in good, current music of all genres. If it was hot, and chart topping, then he would play it!  He also had some amazing guest stars on aswell!

Iss turned the radio down a little, so that it was barely audiable, but enough to provide some back ground noise and hear a little of the beat and rythm of whatever song was playing at the time. She decided to make conversation with Molly and help with that plan of hers and Niall's. She was confident in herself and her skills and she was almost certain that she could make Molly fancy Niall as well as or even instead of Cliff!

"So Molly how's things with you and Cliff at the moment?" she asked casually. "They're okay" Molly said focusing on the road as she knew all too well that Issy could be ridiculously destracting at the worst of times. "So a bit of good and bad then" Issy said in a concluding tone, even though she knew that Molly had never said that to her. "No, we're good" Molly corrected with a sligh impatient tone. "Oh, okay then, so nothing's wrong at all?" Issy questioned strongly.  "No, we're fine" Molly assured her. "Okay then" Issy said.

"Oh my gosh, me and Niall were talking in the Library yesterday after school, and he really is so sweet! He was saying that he would only ever propose to a girl on valentines day, because that's the day that his dad Bobby proposed to his mum Maura! Isn't that sweet?" Issy didn't let Molly awnser the question, and she carried on speaking. "He also said that if he had a girlfriend, then he would cook for her whatever her favourite food was, and he would play the guitar and sing for her to cheer her up or help her to relax, that's just so cute! I think it's a shame that there aren't many guys who would still do that for a girl... Fabe can play the guitar and sing which I am really glad about, because it's such a lovely thing to do, but Cliff can't can he? It's a shame isn't it..." Issy said quite smugly.

"Issy please just shut up! What the hell is wrong with you today, it's like you're obsessing with Niall and just slagging Cliff off, you don't even know Niall that well compared to Cliff!" she yelled angrily, the two girls didn't really argue like that much, but Molly was so damn annoyed with Issy.

The two girls spent the rest of the journey in silence, Issy with her brows furrowed, and her mouth straight, a complete opposite to her usual lighten up, joyful face. Molly just concentrated hard on the road, staring at it with so much concentration. It was an incredibly awkward situation for them to be in, as normally you couldn't stop them from talking and laughing.

The mood was still tense, but Molly decided that she had to say something as they got closer to their school. "Look Issy, I do like Niall but as a friend, and that is all that me and him will ever be. He is very sweet and when I was younger I did have a crush on him, but me and cliff are perfect for each other and that's just how it's gonna stay, me an Niall are only friend, and that is all we are ever going to be." Issy just sighed at this "Oh... just friends is it? Well I would have thought that after all those years of fanning over One Direction, and Niall being your favourite and all, you'd have been so excited to meet him. Quiet clearly I'm far too blind too see why you only want to be friends with him" "Issy, please don't be like that!" "Molly, you should have left your Clilff at the beach!" Issy smirked. Normally Molly would have burst out laughing at a joke like that, but she didn't find it very ammusing, as all Issy had done fore the past hour was offend Cliff.

Eventually, Issy apoligised and  they got out of the car at school. They wandered inside, still feeling a little bitter due to their feud. As they got inside the school though, their moods turned from sore to excited as they saw, for the first time, posters up for prom. They couldn't wait for it to happen, and everyone in their year suddenly became more enthusiastic, all of them chatting about the prom and who was asking who or who would be wearing what. It was only three weeks away and they couldn't wait to go shopping for dresses and suits.

"Ooh I hope Cliff takes me" Molly said hopefully as her and Issy marvelled at the poster. "I hope that Fabe takes me aswell, won't it be magic Molly?" "Yeah" Molly smiled.

Author's Note-

Hey guys! sorry that I haven't updated in a while, I hate it when authors take ages to update their stories, so I'm truly sorry but I went off to Spain for a week on Spanish exchange so yeah. This was a difficult chapter to write, because Molly and Issy have a fight and they would never do that if they were real cuz they're such good friends... It breaks my heart :-)

I hope that you're enjoying the story and I'm so excited to post more, that I will do ASAP, probably later today or tomorrow. Thank you for reading it and being patient with me. If you've enjoyed, this, please read my other fanfic 'Your Heart Shaped Treasure'.

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