A Day I'll Never Forget

Best friends Emily and Grace are HUGE One Direction fans. They end up going to a meet and greet. Will the boys fall in love with them? Will Emily and Grace fall in love with them?
You'll find out in A Day I'll Never Forget.


4. Phone Call

                                                                Harry's POV
Poor Grace. She just got sick everywhere. I was about to go downstairs and her phone started ringing. I yelled down stairs at her that i got it and ran into my room to get it. "Hello?" "Hey Harry, is Grace there?" "Yeah, let me go get her." I started to walk down the stairs to give the phone to Grace. "Hey babe, Emily is on the phone." "Okay." She came to get the phone and I decided to give her some privicy. I went into the living room and sat and watched TV.


                                                                   Grace's POV

I grabbed the phone and we both said "You will not believe what happened this morning!!!!" "Okay you go first." she said. "Okay , so I woke up this morning and Harry was next to me then I started fangirling and then he woke up and then i got sick from drinking to much last night." "Me too, except I woke up to Louis and I fell when I tried to get up." "Well I just hope we aren't pregnant. Do you remember anything from last night?" "No." "Okay well lets get dressed and go to the store i have to get somethings for Harry anyways." "Okay I'll be at Harry's in a half an hour." "Okay."



I hung up the phone and went to get clothes for a nice warm shower. Once I was done in the shower I got dressed and went down stairs for some breakfast. I grabbed some cereal and a bowl and ate quick. When I was finished, I heard the door bell ring. "I'll get it." I walked to the door and Emily was standing there. "Ready to go?" "Yep." I walked away and told Harry I was going out with Emily."Okay babe just be safe." "Yep."



We walked out to the car. When we were on our way we were listening to one direction. When we got to the store Emily went and got the tests and I got the things I had to. When we were in the check out line we were interrupted by a blonde Irish fella. "Hey you guys look fimiliar." "Yea actually we were the girls with Harry and Louis last night." "Oh" When we finished at the store we drive home and went into the bathroom. We sat on the toilet taking turns. We waited 10 minutes then flipped them over the tests read........


Ok so I'm doing this contest for nialls girlfriend if you want to enter just comment what you think y favorite number is and whoever is closest gets the honor of being nialls girlfriend    Bye lovies. CurlysBeanie


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