A Day I'll Never Forget

Best friends Emily and Grace are HUGE One Direction fans. They end up going to a meet and greet. Will the boys fall in love with them? Will Emily and Grace fall in love with them?
You'll find out in A Day I'll Never Forget.


12. Lunch

Emily's POV

I can't believe Louis would do that. I thought he cared for me. Well those thoughts were washed away as soone as Grace called me sobbing into the phone. Currently I was sitting in front of the TV, not really watching it, but just thinking. Louis was gone at the store to get some hosehold items. He said that he wanted to talk to me once he got home. I was nocked out of my thoughts when my phone blared with the ringtone 'Midnight Memories'. That could be none other then my best friend Grace. I opened my message app and saw an new text from her.

Hey Em was just wondering if you wanted to join us for lunch at Nando's.

Text me back once you get this.

Thanks, G

At the end of every text she always signs her texts with 'G'. that was her nickname from me and the girls. I replied with a simple 'Sure.' I went upstairs and got my outfit ready. I texted asking Grace what time and she replied almost instantly. She said around noon.


I tried calling Louis to let him know but he didn't answer. I went upstairs to go get ready for lunch. I decided to wear just some booty shorts and a One Direction shirt. I grabbed some toms and ran out to my car. I'm gonna be really early. Maybe I'll go for a walk in the park. 


Grace's POV

Once I was done singing Harry kissed me really hard. Wow I didn't see that coming. I pulled away gasping for air. I left the bathroom and went to my room to get changed. "Harry what are you going to wear? You should probably go back to your house and get some clothes."


"Ok babe. I'll be right back." With that Harry walked out of the room and went downstairs and left. I grabbed out some booty shorts and a One Direction shirt and some toms and put my hair into a bun. Only a couple of minutes later I heard a car pull up and turn off.


I ran downstairs and grabbed my phone and ran outside into Harry's car. "Grace you look really hot in those shorts."

"Harry shut up and drive. Oh by the way I called and got a doctors appointment for us."

"Ok. Let's go" Harry voiced and started the engine. We got to the doctor's office just in time for our appointment. We got registered and went to sit down. "Ms. Sullivan?"

Harry was looking around trying to figure out who that girl was. I went to stand up and he whispered in my ear, "Grace where are you going?"

"Back by the doctor. They called my name." I said in a matter of factly tone. he silently said oh and his face turned red. "It's okay Harry Let's go."



Harry's POV

*Skip to the lunch date at Nando's*

Grace and I walked in hand and hand. She went over to Emily and started laughing. I looked over at them and they were wearing the exact same outfit. Ok that's just creepy. Grace started walking around and was looking at the boys and their dates. I grabbed her hand and brought her over to the table to introduce everyone. She sat down and turned to Emily giving her a puzzled look. I sat down ant\d whispered in her ear who everybody was.


After I was done introducing everybody, the waitress walked over and asked for our orders. I couldn't help but stare at her. She was beautiful. Grace had this certain look in her eyes. Man,  if looks could kill I would be dead. She excused herself and left the building. Shit I'm in trouble. Liam turned to me and told me to go talk to her. I got up and e\went to go talk to her. I hope she can forgive me.


                                                               Grace's POV

I walked out of the building and started to walk back to my apartment. Who the hell was she? I haven't seen her there before. Either way I'm Harry's girlfriend and he shouldn't do that. At least in front of me. I was almost home when I heard a voice behind me. "Grace wait up." Harry yelled after me and grabbed my arm.


"Get off Harry. I don't want to talk right now." He let me go and I started walking again. Once I got home I called Emily and told her what happened. I would have at least expected Harry to come after me but apparently not. I went upstairs and went into my bedroom. I didn't even get changed I just went straight to bed. I was just about to fall asleep when I heard something hit the window. 






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