A Day I'll Never Forget

Best friends Emily and Grace are HUGE One Direction fans. They end up going to a meet and greet. Will the boys fall in love with them? Will Emily and Grace fall in love with them?
You'll find out in A Day I'll Never Forget.


3. At the bar

                                                             Emily POV

Harry and Louis were in the front seats and Grace and I were in the back seats. I can't believe this is happening we are going to a bar with Harry freakin Styles and Louis freakin Tomlinson. When we pull up to the bar Harry and Grace walk in hand in hand. Then Louis comes over to my side of the car and opens the door. "Are you ready to have some funny with Louis the Tommo Tomlinson?" "You bet I am!"


We then walk in to the club and Louis asked me," Do you want to go dance?"  "Sure."  When we are walking over to the dance floor we see Harry and Grace drinking shots."Take it easy." Louis yelled. "We'll try" they yelled at the same time.


When Louis and I are done dancing after awhile he asks me "Do you want to head back to my place?" "Sure" When we start to head back to the car we see two bodies in an intense makeout session. Louis decides to knock on the window. Harry gets off of Grace and she starts blushing.


"Harry, Louis is taking me back to his. Are you taking Grace back to yours?" "Sure" I hear him whisper in Grace's ear"We can finish this later" she starts blushing hard. "Let's go lovebirds" Louis yelled. They start shuffling to get in their seats. "Uh Uh pretty boy you aren't driving you're drunk" Grace squealed. "Fine."


Grace dropped us off at Louis's house and we hopped out. When we got inside Louis asked me,"Do you want to watch movies all night?" "Sure" Then we sat and watched Blonde Chicks all night. Finally I fell asleep in Louis's lap.


The next morning I woke up in Louis's bed. What the fuck. I didn't remember anything from last night. I tried to get out of bed but I had a major hangover.When I was sure i could get out of bed and get to the bathroom, I fell to the floor. I think I woke Louis up.


"Are you okay babe?" OMFG Louis just called me babe!!! "Yeah, I just have a major hangover." "Okay lets get you to the bathroom." Right when he said that I felt like I was going to puke my guts out. "Move!!!" I yelled at Louis and pushed him to the side. I ran to the bathroom and started to puke. Just then i heard Louis come in the bathroom. He held my hair while I blew chunks. I finally felt like I was done, so I got up and went down stairs to get some water. I walked down stairs and decided to call Grace.



                                                                                Grace's POV

I just woke up in this strange bed. Where was I? I rolled over and saw who I was sleeping with. Oh My God I just slept with Harry Styles. Oh no I've had this felling before. I started to roll out of bed and Harry woke up. "Babe,are you okay?" Oh My Freakin God Harry Styles from One Direction just called me babe. "Yeah." I rushed out of the room and went to the bathroom. I started puking when i heard Harry come in. He knelt down beside me and held my hair. Once I was finally done I was heading down stairs when I ringtone started blaring. Harry yelled down the stairs that he was going to get it so i went to the kitchen to get some water.Then Harry started walking down stairs talking to.......



                                                         Oooh cliffhanger let me know what you think of the story please comment because I love reading them!!! Thanks    CurlysBeanie

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