A Day I'll Never Forget

Best friends Emily and Grace are HUGE One Direction fans. They end up going to a meet and greet. Will the boys fall in love with them? Will Emily and Grace fall in love with them?
You'll find out in A Day I'll Never Forget.


13. Apart

Grace's POV

*two weeks later*

I haven't seen Harry in two weeks. I assume he just doesn't care. The boys and Emily have been coming by and checking up on me. My baby bump has grown a bit. I decided that if it's a girl her name is gonna be Noah Elizabeth and if it's a boy it's gonna be Mathew James. Right now I was in my bedroom watching a whole bunch of really sappy movies.  I headed downstairs when I heard a knock on the door. Liam appeared before me. "Liam what do you want? Oh my god I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound mean."


"It's ok Grace. I understand. the reason I'm here is because Harry is a mess. He needs you Grace. And by the looks of it you need him. Just please let him come talk to you."


"No Liam if he wanted to talk he should have come over instead of sending someone. I'm not ready to talk to him."


"Grace you need to talk to him. You haven't left your apartment for two weeks. you haven't been to work in tow weeks. Plus you look really skinny well besides your baby. That's not healthy for you or the baby. Please just eat and let Harry come over to talk to you."


"Fine Liam bring him over. But I'm not talking to him. He can just talk to me and give me his reason. Ok?"


"Ok but Grace let me see your wrists."


No Liam you don't need to see my wrists. They are fine."


"Grace let me see them." He growled.


"Liam you don't need to see my wrists." I said as I tried to get away. But knowing Liam he was stronger than me. He grabbed my wrists and forced my shirt up my arm. "Grace why are you cutting?"


"Why the hell do you think Liam? My boyfriend was looking at another girl right in front of me, left me with a baby, and didn't come after me. He just left me and hasn't tried to come and talk to me either. How do you think that feels? My only source of relieve was the blade."


Liam turned around and Harry was standing there. I tried to get out of Liam's grip but it was too strong. Pretty soon after that I got out of his grip and ran to my bedroom. I could hear them talking downstairs about me. "Harry she said you could talk to her but she probably won't talk back just remember that."


"Okay Liam." I heard Harry say as he walked up the stairs and started pounding on the door.

Harry's POV

I heard Grace and Liam talking about her wrists. Oh god please don't have cut because of me. "Liam the blade was my only source of relieve he just left me didn't even try to come back." I had to talk to her. I needed her in my arms. I now your wondering why didn't I come back for her. right? Well the answer to that is simple I thought if I went back to her she would force me out of her life. I need her in my life. Plus she can't handle the baby by her self. I know why couldn't you just go try and talk to her right? But I couldn't get out of my bed without feeling like I was worthless. I hope Grace was feeling different. But by the sound of it she wasn't. I turned around the corner and Liam turned around and Grace got out of Liam's grip she ran upstairs and I heard a door slam.


"Harry you would do best not to talk to her right now."


"Liam I need to talk to her. I need her in my life. I made a huge mistake." I pleaded.


"Ok Harry go talk to her." I ran upstairs and started pounded on her door. I need to hear her voice. After awhile I gave up and started walk away when Grace opened the door and invited me in. I didn't know what to think.




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