A Long Lost Friend

A trip down memory lane leads me to an old best friend, and some new ones too. One Direction fanfiction.


4. Opening up

‘Guys,’ I warned. They just laughed at me. ‘Remember me? The one that fainted? Don’t you think that I should eat?’

‘Yes, she should.’ Louis said suddenly becoming serious. ‘Guys we can do this another time.’ They ignored him, continuing forward towards me. ‘Guys! Stop! Another time, okay?’ Louis’ voice was sharp. ‘Come on, let’s go get food.’ I followed him into the kitchen.

As I was leaving, I glanced back over my shoulder to see the rest of the boys looking confused. Niall caught my eye and shrugged. I shrugged back. I was just wondering what was wrong with him, when he came out with pizza on a plate. ‘Here,’ He said, smiling.

‘Thanks,’ I said. ‘You’re rather quiet.’ I remarked. He blushed, turning away from me, busying himself with the pizza. ‘I honestly thought that you would be the one to throw me into the pool, not stop the others.’ I said, after chewing on, and swallowing a piece of pizza.

‘This is going to sound weird,’ Louis said to me. ‘But… I…’ We were interrupted by Niall.

‘Sorry guys, I got hungry,’ He looked at us apologetically. He grabbed 5 pieces of pizza.

‘Leave some for everyone else Ni!’ I laughed. I saw that his appetite at least hadn’t changed, although just about everything else had.

I hadn’t realized that I was daydreaming, until Niall put down his pizza and lifted me up onto his shoulders. ‘Niall!’ I screamed, laughing. ‘Really?’

‘Hey, you’re an only child; it has to be somebody’s responsibility to give you an annoying older brother, right?’ He said, grinning. I just laughed. At that moment, Liam walked in, stopped, and stared at us. ‘What you looking at Liam?’ Niall asked in an innocent voice. Louis and I burst into laughter. ‘I don’t know what’s so funny,’ Niall remarked. ‘Kate, what are you doing up there?’ He asked, pretending to only have noticed me now.

He set me back on my feet, collected mine; his and Louis’ empty plates and set them in the dishwasher. With that, he walked out of the room, Liam following close behind. Suddenly I was nervous. Louis and I were alone. Again. ‘I- I better g-go and tell th-the others to- to come and g-get food,’ I stammered, running out of the kitchen with my face bright red. Smooth Kate, really smooth.

‘Guys, food’s getting cold!’ I said to them, reproachfully. I flopped on the couch that was empty. ‘Oh!’ I said, struck by a sudden inspiration. ‘I’ll get the movies,’ I said, pointing to the box filled with my DVDs, ‘While you guys go and get food, okay?’

‘Okay,’ came the reply. I walked over to the box of DVDs and found an unmarked one. I had never seen it before. I put the volume on the TV lower, slipped the disc into the DVD player and waited for the movie to start.

My mom and dad suddenly appeared on the TV. It was a home movie. They had made it for me. They told me that they loved me more than I would ever believe, and that my friends had done something for me before I left. The picture on the screen suddenly changed to all of my friends standing together. The camera flicked to each one in turn, each of them telling me something that they loved about me, and telling me about at least one funny time we had together. The movie ended.

Unstoppable tears started rolling down my face, leaving wet tracks down my face. The boys came back into the room. I ran quickly, trying to get out of the house, but the boys had made it rather difficult to get past them. I ran past the first 3, without them noticing anything wrong. As I went to run past Niall, he tried to grab my arm, but I broke free.

I finally got out the door, before I heard footsteps running much faster than I could. A strong arm caught me around the waist. I fought, trying to fight my way out, but whoever the person was took no notice. Suddenly, my energy drained, I fell limp against this mystery person, crying brokenly. Suddenly it was about much more than my homesickness.

The person holding me wisely did not try to force me back towards the house. Instead he walked, still carrying me, farther outside, before setting me on my feet and dragging me towards a park bench. My eyes were so full of tears that I couldn’t see who was dragging me; all I could see was the faint figure of a man.

Whichever one of the boys that had me was about to get a deep look into my dark past that I hadn’t told anybody else about. Ever.

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