A Long Lost Friend

A trip down memory lane leads me to an old best friend, and some new ones too. One Direction fanfiction.


7. Last Night

I woke up to being moved as Louis stood up, putting the blanket over me. Keeping my eyes shut, I pulled the blanket further over me and nuzzled closer to the couch. "So, how did you sleep last night?" Harry asked.

"Fine, thanks." Louis replied, I could hear the smile in his voice. "But I think the best bit was when we woke up."

"You woke up?" Niall said. "What happened?" He asked sharply.

"Well," Louis started, "I caught her sneaking chocolate in the kitchen, so we put a movie on and, well..."

"Well what?" Niall asked.

"I kissed her," Louis said. "And it was amazing, and she was, well is, beautiful, and guys, I really really like this girl. And then we fell asleep." He finished.

"It was a lot better than he makes it sound," I mumbled from under the blankets.

"You're awake?" Louis said, shocked. I peeked up from under the blanket, looking at him. His eyes were wide and he was blushing. I smiled. "Well this is awkward." He said. I sat up and yawned, stretching.

"Kate," Niall said to me, his mouth pressed into a hard line. "Can I talk to you in the kitchen?"

"Sure," I said, smiling at him. I followed him into the kitchen. "What's up?" I asked him, jumping up onto the counter.

"Are you sure about this?" Niall asked me.

"Sure about what?" I asked, confused.

"Louis." He said, looking into my eyes. "He likes you. Quite a bit. And you only just met him, and I think it's a little unfair that I just get to see you again, and you run off and get a boyfriend." He said in a rush.

"Niall," I said, arching an eyebrow and smirking at him. "Are you jealous?" I asked him, still smirking.

"No, just don't forget about me, okay?" He said, smiling back now.

"Never," I said, jumping off the counter and throwing my arms around his neck. "Let's go back into the lounge, I'm sure that the boys are wondering where we are," I said, walking out of the kitchen. The boys were watching Grease. I blushed, remembering last night. "Who's hungry?" I asked the boys.

"Me!" They all screamed.

"Okay, well we have way too much leftover pizza, so we can have that for breakfast." I suggested. When they all nodded eagerly I said, "I'll go get some then." Just as I got into the kitchen, I felt hands around my waist, I felt my feet leaving the floor as I was set on the counter. "Oh my-" I gasped as Louis's lips crashed into mine.

"Hey," he said. His hands were on either side of me, resting on the counter. "So, what did Niall want to talk to you about?"

"He just wanted to... Ask about... Last night," I said blushing.

"Mmm, and what did you say about that?" He said, moving his face forward until our noses touched.

"Th-That I l-liked it," I stuttered, trying to remember to breathe.

He sighed. "Me too," he murmured. Gently, his lips pressed to mine. There they were, sparks.

"Cough cough," someone said drily. "Sorry to break this up, but we're hungry," it was Harry. Louis sighed and put his head on my neck. I glanced up at Harry, blushing. He smirked at me.

"Right, pizza." I said, trying to organize my thoughts. I gently pushed Louis away and grabbed the pizza boxes and handed them to Harry. I turned around to find Louis inches from me. He smiled. "What?" I asked him.

"Go on a date with me," he said. "Tonight. Please."

"Okay?" I giggled.

"Yay!" He yelled, picking me up and spinning me around with him, before kissing me softly. How did I manage to end up with this boy?

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