A Long Lost Friend

A trip down memory lane leads me to an old best friend, and some new ones too. One Direction fanfiction.


10. Great Publicity...

"I don't care what people say when we're together

You know I wanna be the one to hold you when you sleep

I just want it to be you and I forever

I know you wanna leave

So come on baby be with me

So happily."

Tears welled up in my eyes as they finished the song. They exit the recording room and as Louis walked towards me I threw myself into his arms, kissing his cheek. "That was beautiful!" I gasped.

"I'm glad you liked it, babe." He whispered in my ear. Louis had been so happy since management had approved of our relationship. "It's so stuffy in here." He said, putting me down.

"It is a bit stuffy in here, isn't it?" I asked him, stretching. "We could always go outside."

"I agree." He said, getting a mischievous look in his eyes. All of a sudden, he darted towards me and pulled me up into his arms, bridal style. "Run!" He screamed, taking off down the hall.

I giggled as he sprinted down the hall, the rest of the boys running after us. He got to the elevator and pressed the button, stepping in as soon as the doors opened. The doors closed just as the other boys came into sight. He put me down, I was still laughing. "I think we're alone now," he sang, jokingly.

"Cue the horror movie music," I teased, stepping closer to him. I twisted my fingers into his hair and pulled his lips closer to mine. Just before they were about to touch, the doors opened. "Race you!" I screamed.

I sprinted away from him and he followed after me. "Hey!" Came Liam's voice. "Get them!" Louis caught up to me and swung me up into his back as we burst through the doors. The receptionist laughed as we sprinted past and called a goodbye after us. We reached the road and crossed during a gap. We took off again on the other side, until we reached a large hedge.

"Hide," I giggled, pulling him behind the hedge. The boys ran straight past us, not even noticing us. "We're safe."

"Thank goodness." He said, putting his hands on my waist and pulling me close to him. I wrapped my hands around his neck and he leant down and kissed me passionately. As we broke apart, we heard a fake cough behind us.

"Busted." Niall said, shaking his finger at us.

"Hi Niall," I said, giggling, embarrassed.

"So we were going to head home," Zayn said. "And leave you two alone. Can you catch a taxi back?"

"Sure," Louis said easily. "We'll see you later then?"

"Have fun," Harry said, winking as he walked away.

"Not too much fun." Niall warned. "Bye," he said, giving me a bear hug.

"So what do you want to do?" Louis asked me when all of the boys had left. He intertwined our fingers.

"Take me sightseeing!" I yelled.

"Okay!" He screamed back.

"Let's go!" I screamed.

"Stop yelling at me!"

"You first!"

This carried on for about five minutes until we reached the road again. "Where do you want to go?" He asked me.

"Oh! Can we please go to Madame Tsors?" I pleaded. We were about to leave, before Louis spotted the man with the camera sneakily taking a picture of us.

"Hey!" Louis yelled, launching himself at the man. Within two minutes, there were people everywhere, taking pictures of Louis on top of this strange man, me pleading with him to stop. This was going to be great publicity tomorrow.

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