A Long Lost Friend

A trip down memory lane leads me to an old best friend, and some new ones too. One Direction fanfiction.


2. Fangirling

I went back into the bathroom, before realizing that my makeup bag was still in my carryon luggage, that I had yet to unpack. I walked back into the bedroom, diving under the bed to drag my heavy suitcase out. I rummaged through the mess of jumbled up clothing, struggling to find my makeup bag. Finally I found it, dragging my toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash out with it, figuring that I could brush my teeth before I left. I brought my hairbrush as well; the snarls at the back of my neck would have to be tamed as well.

I went into the bathroom and glared at myself in the mirror. I decided to start with my hair. I brushed through it, putting it in a simple side plait, where the bottom went straight into a spiraling ringlet. Now for the rest of me. I took out my black eyeliner, mascara, and the colours that I would use for my smoky eye. I applied the eyeliner thickly, after putting on my eye shadow, and then added some mascara. The colours contrasted well with my light, streaky blonde hair.

I put on lip gloss, before throwing it in a simple shoulder bag, along with my purse and phone. I gave myself one last, criticizing glance, before stalking out of the bedroom and onto the stairs.

Suddenly my phone rang. My ringtone was Kiss You. ‘Hello?’ I answered.

‘Hi! How are you enjoying London?’ My best guy friend, Tim, asked. ‘What’s the weather like? Have you talked to anybody yet, or are you being anti-social as usual?’ He teased.

‘If you would let me talk first!’ I laughed. ‘Everything is fine, I’m just about to go to the starbucks around the corner, and I’m not anti-social, I’m just shy.’ I mumbled the last bit. I was on the phone for barely 5 minutes, when my phone beeped to tell me that I had low battery. I hadn’t charged it for 4 days.

I said goodbye, and stuck my phone back into my bag, hoping against hope that my phone battery would last me until I got back home. Before walking out the door, I walked into the kitchen, finding a plastic container labelled “Keys”. I grabbed the house keys, walked out the door (Locking it behind me) and strode out the front gate.

I walked down the street, using my fringe to cover my face. I didn’t know anybody yet, and I was feeling rather self-conscious. Around 5 minutes later, I found the Starbucks that I had been told about by the Taxi driver who had picked me up from the airport.

I walked in, a bell above the door announcing my arrival. I took a deep smell, closing my eyes appreciatively. It smelt like coffee and cream. I walked up to the counter. ‘One American iced coffee, please.’ I ordered.

‘Would you like that with ice cream, or cream?’ The cashier asked me.

‘Cream please,’ I said with a slight smile.

I paid for the coffee, collected it, and as I was about to leave the cashier called me back. ‘Here,’ He said writing a number on a napkin.

‘What is it?’ I asked, intrigued.

‘A number for photography modelling,’ He explained. ‘You’ll do well there, just give it a try.’

I thanked him, and walked off to a table, deep in thought. I hadn’t thought about working yet. At first, every time the bell announced a new customer, I would look up, but eventually, it faded into the background as I thought about my new life and my old life, making comparisons.

I got a fright as somebody tapped me on the shoulder. Before I turned around, I realized with a jolt that the entire coffee shop was looking at me. I felt the blood rush up to heat my face, as I stood up to turn around. I came face to face with none other than Niall Horan. Holy Shit.

I stopped breathing for a moment. This was Niall Horan! “Pull yourself together, Kate!” I thought to myself. ‘H-Hi,’ I gasped.

‘Um,’ He said looking uncomfortable. ‘This is gonna be weird, but when I was younger I had a friend, and she looked like you.’ He said, Irish accent strong. ‘Could you tell me your name please?’ He asked, blushing.

‘W-wait. You... You remember me?’ I asked grinning.

‘Kate?’ He asked, surprised.

‘Yes!’ I half screamed. ‘Niall! It’s been forever! Why didn’t you get in touch? I freaking missed you bro! I’ve been thinking about you since I was 9!’ I hugged him, throwing my arms around his neck.

‘Oh my god, it really is you! I missed you so much Katy!’ He said using his old nickname for me.

‘I missed you too, Ni!’ I said using my nickname for him.

‘Um, Niall? Are you gonna introduce us?’ A voice interrupted. My mouth fell open. That voice belonged to Harry Styles, and standing behind him was Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik. Holy crap.

‘Oh! Right!’ Niall said, his eyes widening. ‘Um, guys this is my best friend in the entire world Kate Smith, Kate, this is the rest of one direction.’

‘Oh. My. God.’ I said, the room starting to spin. ‘I LOVE you guys!’ Louis came forward to give me a hug hello. The room went black.

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