A Long Lost Friend

A trip down memory lane leads me to an old best friend, and some new ones too. One Direction fanfiction.


3. Embarrassment

‘Kate? Are you okay?’ Louis’ voice rang out, clearly, through my unconscious haze. ‘Let’s get her out of here,’ He murmured. ‘People are staring,’

We walked out of the starbucks, Louis carrying my bridal style. The thought made me want to faint again. ‘My address is 41 strawberry avenue. It’s 5 minutes away,’ I muttered, fighting to hold onto my consciousness. ‘My keys are in my bag…’ I murmured.

I felt him take my bag off my shoulder. ‘Harry, look for her keys please.’ He said quietly.

‘Niall?’  I whispered, searching for him. ‘Where’s Niall?’ I asked, panicking.

‘He got stuck with fans. He’s distracting them while we get you home.’ Louis soothed me. ‘He’ll call just now, and he’ll meet us at yours, okay? It’s just me and Harry here; the rest will come just now.’ He looked down at me with his blue-green eyes.

‘I’m sorry,’ I mumbled. ‘I didn’t mean to faint on you. I only got here today. Must be the jet lag.’ We arrived at the door.

Harry stuck the key the door, and opened it gently. Louis strode in, finding the couch and setting me gently on it. ‘Now,’ He said softly, ‘When was the last time you ate?’ He asked.

‘I… I d-don’t know,’ I said confused.

‘Okay. Harry, please go to the fridge, find something sweet, high in sugar. Her blood sugar levels are low.’ He turned back to me. ‘Is this the first time you’ve fainted?’

‘No. I have blood pressure problems; I get light headed a lot.’ I smiled apologetically. ‘Sorry, I’m a bit of a liability,’

‘Nonsense.’ He said smiling. ‘I like you Kate. You’re funny.’ He blushed.

‘I am?’ I said, once again confused. I wasn’t trying to be funny. ‘Well, I like you too. And call me Kay.’ I said smiling. Suddenly Harry was back. He was holding something called a curly wurly and something that looked like a glass of coke.

‘Here,’ Harry said smiling at me. I opened the wrapper to find chocolate covered toffee. Yummy. ‘I never introduced myself.’ Harry said, smiling apologetically. ‘I’m Harry.’

I swung myself off the couch, pleased that the room didn’t spin. ‘Kate,’ I said with a smile. I reached up to hug him, my inner directioner screaming.

Louis stood up. ‘Hi,’ He said laughing as I reached up to hug him too. He smelt amazing, I noted. Suddenly I had butterflies, and the blood was rushing up to my face.

‘Do you have a bathroom that I could use?’ Harry asked.

‘Yeah down that way,’ I directed him. Then, Niall and the rest of the boys walked in through the door. ‘Ni!’ I exclaimed, grinning.

‘Hey sleepy head,’ Niall teased. ‘Are you okay though?’ He asked, suddenly serious.

‘Yes I’m fine,’ I said, grinning. I got introduced to the rest of the boys, giving each a hug. I looked at the time. 7:30 already? ‘If you guys want to, you can crash here for the night, we can have a movie night, and I’m gonna order pizza, okay?’

‘Great!’ Louis said loudly before anyone else could speak. I phoned the pizza place, ordered and then told the guys that I would be back just now. ‘Where are you going?’ Louis asked.

‘I need to charge my phone,’ I said, smiling. ‘You can come if you want to.’ I laughed. He followed me up the stairs.

‘Nice place,’ He commented. He sat on my bed as we got into the room.

‘I’m just gonna put on pajamas.’ I said, walking into the bathroom, leaving him to sit on my bed alone. I put on an oversized T-shirt and long pants. I walked out. ‘Race you to the bottom!’ I screamed, running out of the room and down the stairs. I reached the bottom first, panting.

The boys turned around. ‘What in the-‘ Niall started. At that moment, the doorbell rang.

‘PIZZA!’ Niall and I yelled together. I jumped on his back. We opened the door, to see a very confused delivery man. ‘Thank you good sir,’ Niall said throwing me off his back, and we bowed together. We slammed the door in his face and ran back to the room laughing.

We were greeted by the rest of the boys pulling Niall into a group hug, and all of them whispering. Suddenly, they all turned towards me, with evil glints in their eyes. ‘So,’ Harry started.

‘We hear that you have a pool?’ Zayn asked.

I knew exactly what was coming. Uh oh.

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