Sing it to Me (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Set place after One Direction, a small town girl meets Harry Styles while he is in America. (How the met and why he is in America will be revealed later.) They hit it off and he wants her to move to England to live with him. WIll she? Will their relation last or is he the one?(Rated yellow because I have a general idea of what I am going to write and the rest is on me so yeah may or may not actually be yellow when completed)


1. Prolouge- A Decision to Make

What he was trying to get me to do was against my morals, the values that I was raised with. To me it like the equivalent of sacriledge. The the scariest part about it isn't what he is asking me, the scariest part about it is the fact that I'm even thinking about it. What would make me do that? Why would I do that?

To begin with his name is Harry. The only way that I feel that I can properly answer this is to say that I am in love with him,  I love him. I love him with heary, mind, and soul. Though I refuse to give him my body without an exchange of vows. I love everything about him. I love the way that his gorgeous brown hair curls and his eyes of emerald green. I love his laugh and I love his personality. I love the way he talks with his British accent and I love the way that he walks. There is absolutely so much that I love about him that I am unable to fully express it. And I love him so much that I am thinking of uprooting my life-like he has asked me to-to go to England to live with him.

He's asking me to leve all that I have ever known, all that I haveever loved before he came into my life. Asking me to leave my country, my home, and move to another country all for the sake of our love, and his career. Everything that I have ever known in my short 18 years of existence have all been here in America. Admittedly, most of it within the borders of my small home town in rural Ohio. I admit that I have dreamed of moving, leaving my home for a short time, but then again who hasn't. Though I have never actually thought of moving out of America, of leaving my friends, my family, my home, my job. I wonder to my self: "Can I do this? Can I leave? Am I brave enough to? What if our relationship doesn't work out?"

In high school I once had this teacher who always spoke to his students about leaving our small town and exoloring, at least for a little bit. He said that if we ever wanted to leave here, to go ahead because our villiage isn't going to change, it will always be here if we want to come back. he told us that our villiage isn't going anywhere, but we can, so we should explore our options while we still can.

I know that he would encourage me to go. He has been out of the country multiple times, to many different countries. The only difference there is that he went on trips for a short amount of time and I would be living there for months, maybe even years. Harry and I aren't married so what if things didn't work out between us, or go as we planned? When I was little, I always told myself that I would someday leave our little villiage-because that's what it is, a villiage. I also said I would comeback though.

If things didn't work out then I would be stuck in England without my family for support, friend to lean on, with mt home back in America. No matter where I went or what happened my small, rural Ohio villiage would always be my home, always has and always will. But if I was in Europe I would be a continent away... a sea away.

"It's time," I mentally prepped myself, "time to make up my mind." Then as if my body were on autopiolet, my hands picked up my phone, my fingers dialing Harry's number by memory.

"Haley?" He picks up as I pace back and forth across the room.

"Yeah it's me Harry," I say full of affection.

"Are you okay?" he asks since I told him I wasn't gonna talk to him, he told me to call if I changed my mind and today was the day.

"Of couse, but I have made up my mind." I say in a surprisngly strong voice.

"What have you decided?" he inquires hastilly, nervous, afraiid, excited.

"That I want to tell you in person." My voice low, nervous, scared of rejection.

"Kay,  I'll be there in thirty five minutes." he tells me.

"And Harry," I continue.

"Yeah babe?" he asks.

'I love you." I say quietly.

"I love you too Haley," he says his voice softening.

"See you soon." We simultaneously say. I hear the click of the phone. I take a deep breath-knowing that he is as nervous as me-and then I am ready. I stop pacing.




Authors note- I hope you guys like it. Please comment and let me know what you think. This is my first movella, sorry if it's bad.

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