Sing it to Me (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Set place after One Direction, a small town girl meets Harry Styles while he is in America. (How the met and why he is in America will be revealed later.) They hit it off and he wants her to move to England to live with him. WIll she? Will their relation last or is he the one?(Rated yellow because I have a general idea of what I am going to write and the rest is on me so yeah may or may not actually be yellow when completed)


2. Chapter One- Flight Landing

Harry gently shook me awake as our flight was landing. 

"Haley, Babe, we're here!" He said excited, I could tell he was happy being back home. I yawned and smiled over at him as he looked at me. I stretched my arms high above our heads, stretching, as I was coming to. 

"Harry," I say with a smile, "I'm glad that I am here, now, with you." 

"Me too." He says slipping his hand inside of mine as we stood up. He grabbed my carry on. 

"Thank you baby," I kiss his cheek. 

"Your welcome honey," he kisses my lips lightly. I smile at his touch. 

"You're just lucky you have me Harry." I say smugly. Knowing I'm lucky that I have him too. 

"I know. You ready to face the crowd?" He asks me. Oh, yeah, there is one thing I forgot to mention.  Harry's name is Harry Edward Styles and he used to be apart of this boy band up until last year when Zayn's triplets were born.  This is the year 2019 and Harry is twenty five. I'm twenty two. 

Harry was the youngest member of One Direction. He originally auditioned as a solo artist but Simon placed him and the boys(Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn) in a band. Harry came up with their name, One Direction, and it just stuck. They were five boys with one dream, in one band, they quickly became one group of friends. 

So, yeah, that explains the crowd. Not just people either, also the paparazzi. On the plane there were women my age begging him for an autograph. People love him, I love him. 

I grabbed the sunglasses that I had hanging from the front of my shirt, we'll actually it is Harry's(I love it though-it's white with a deep v-neck). I have it on with black yoga pants(who cares they're comfy) and my favorite pair of Sperry's(the white Angelfish boat shoe). I let my hair fall into and around my face. I don't want to be recognized, obviously. I am not size one skinny, but I look average for my height. I am about five feet ten inches(sorry babe).

Our luggage, mostly mine, is supposed to be shipped to his flat. So we head to call a cab after getting things(since I'm not British) figured out. We got stopped a lot by fans along the way, turns out the paps got the flight confused and went to the wrong flight. 

That's when we were spotted, right before the taxi/cab arrived. 

"Harry! Harry! Wait!" They yelled at us. "Who is the girl with you? What's her name? How old is she? Are you dating?" They yell out questions. Harry just wraps his arms around me, carrying my carry on still. He whispers in my ear, telling me to ignore the paps. He guides me to the nearest taxi, I slide in and he sits behind me. 

"I'm sorry baby girl." He moans into my ear, his head testing on mine."

"It's fine Harry," I smile looking at him my hand caressing his cheek, his hand caressing my other hand. "It doesn't matter." 

"Are you sure?" He asks worried, his eyebrows scrunch up and his lips purse, green eyes slightly narrowing(but not in a menacing way). I laugh and kiss him. 

"I'm sure Harry." I reassure him, my lips still against his. 

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