The Devil's Sweetheart

Black hides secrets. Lies cover secrets. Time heals secrets. Love accepts secrets. Secrets are all around this world. Day in die out people lie to your face. But you believe them. They lie to cover up their secrets. You have lived with your own secrets forever. No one knows them. But what happens when you let the Devil's Sweetheart steal those secrets?? You can never get them back...



*Next morning - around 5am*


Cat's POV


"AHHHHHH!!!!!" I woke screaming once again, in a bed of my own sweat, with 5 boys panting around me...


I quickly reminded myself of where I was. Remembering was a blessing and a curse. I could remember things like Niall saving me, my eighth birthday (my last birthday before everything went wrong), but then I can remember last night and what Styles did to me, and I can remember when everything went wrong... Suddenly a husky Bradford voice stopped my thinking, "Are you alright, love??"


"Yes, I'm fine just a nightmare, that's all," I tried to say convincingly.


"Your obviously not." I knew Louis voice anywhere and I just nodded my head. Louis put his arms out gesturing a hug, I gladly accepted and smiled.


I just needed someone there for me right now, that was Louis. Even if he didn't know what it was all about he was there. Of course Styles just stood there in silence and Niall put his arms out after I had let go of Louis. After my hug with Niall, I hugged each boy, Liam, Zayn, then Styles. After last night, I didn't want to say his first name so it's just Styles now. He put his arms out and I accepted, his arms around my waist and mine around his neck. The rest of the boys was talking now so luckily no one noticed Styles squeezing my ass. Ugh!


Harry's POV


Hahaha, chuckling to myself about my hug with Cat. She's so silly that she didn't know it would just turn into a flirt move. She is going to fall for me because everyone falls for Harry Styles. But some things still bother me. Louis. He was so kind, too kind. Paranoid much...


The other is Cat. She didn't have a normal nightmare, it was more like a memory disturbing her sleep. When she woke screaming, it looked too real to be a nightmare. I stared slowly into the endless blackness she called her eyes, they were hurt. This was more than a nightmare...


Cat's POV


I ran upstairs to the bathroom with my small bag of clothes. I got changed, ran my fingers through my hair, grabbed some mouthwash, washed my face, and found the little red velvet box I had in my bag. I opened the box, carefully removing the ribbon and taking off the lid. Inside was a selection of lighters and blades. I took out the sharpest blade, ran my arm under the sink and slowly painted a picture on the canvas called my wrist. I had passed scars on my wrist but I didn't cut like everyone else. I didn't just do slits, I did pictures. I had a few drawings of Music notes, because music was the only thing keeping me alive, and a few words like hurt, death, suicide, help, lonely, but this time I wrote MONSTER. I wasn't the monster but the person driving me to do this was. Water, red in colour, poured down the sink as I washed away the rest of my blood. I pulled my sleeve back down hoping they stopped bleeding and walked downstairs.


I couldn't tell the boys that I cut, or why I cut, or why I had nightmares, or who was causing them, or about why my eyes were black, or what they meant. I felt so dirty keeping secrets from them...




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