The Devil's Sweetheart

Black hides secrets. Lies cover secrets. Time heals secrets. Love accepts secrets. Secrets are all around this world. Day in die out people lie to your face. But you believe them. They lie to cover up their secrets. You have lived with your own secrets forever. No one knows them. But what happens when you let the Devil's Sweetheart steal those secrets?? You can never get them back...


2. Close... so close


Niall's POV


I heared Cat slightly mumbling to herself as she slept on my shoulder. She looked so... cute. Maybe I have started to get feelings for her - NO Niall!! You only just met her! I couldn't help but thinking about how she was so perfect. You see, Cat isn't your regular girl, oh no, she is something very special. Other girls aren't like Cat, they would dye their hair a natural colour but Cat she dyed her hair bright blue and crimson red. Cat said she liked the red colour because it reminded her of blood. Well that's slightly disturbing but anyway, Cat doesn't care what anyone thinks about her but other girls would die if someone saw them without make up or perfect hair.


Funny thing, the other day Cat ran outside in her pajamas, with messy hair, and no make up, screaming that she was an idiot at the top of her lungs. When she came in I asked her if she was playing dares with Louis and she said no, I just thought it would be funny!!


See, I love that about Cat. What I love most is that she is always herself. Never pretending to be someone else. Never perfect but always Cat, she is so beautiful. Her heart is just as beautiful as her face.


I feel someone staring at me. Harry. Me and Harry where the only ones awake at this time. He looked disturbed or... jealous?? Why would Harry be jealous?? Does he like her?? I need to talk to him before anything happens, and I need to stop asking myself questions. I decide to just go to sleep even though Harry's eyes where still glaring onto me. I slowly close my eyes and drift of into a deep sleep.


Harry's POV


Why does Niall get to be the one Cat snuggles and cuddles with?? It should be me. I should of saved her and be there now. I find myself staring at her, focusing on her beauty. Atleast I wasn't the only one staring.. Wait what?? I glare at Niall with no emotion on my face. I am the one that's going to get her not Niall. All I need is a plan.


I like her. I want her. I need her. I will get her.


Cat's POV


Thirsty. That's right I'm thirsty. It's not like me to wake up randomly at night to get a drink so I don't know why this happened but for some reason it did. I look up and see a sleepy Niall, I must of fell asleep on his shoulder. He left me on it though, he didn't stop me. Niall is so sweet. I'm thirsty. Just stop thinking of Niall.


I get up and start walking to the kitchen door. My ankle feels alot better now, it's probaly just bruised. When Liam got my water for me this afternoon, I saw what door he went in. I recognised the door and stepped inside. Trying to make sure I woke no one up, I found the cupboard with the cups in without making loud noises.



Putting my glass down on the side, I suddenly felt someone's hands on my hips. They covered my mouth as I tried to scream. Quickly, they twisted me around and I saw that it was Harry.


"What was that for you, scared the pee out of me??" I screamed/whispered at him.


He just smirked and laughed. His hands still on my hips, he lifted me up and put me on the kitchen counter. He leaned in and put his lips on my ear, "Lighten up. I know you want me."


"What makes you think that??" I said in a flirty voice. I couldn't help but keep looking at his lips, I hope he doesn't notice.


"The way you look at me, your voice turns sexy whenever your around me, the way you make me want you more than you could ever imagine, and the way you keep looking at my lips. I know what you want."


I wanted him but I wasn't going to let him know that. Act fierce and they'll always chase after you. I decided to tease him because he was inbetween my legs and I could feel a bulge appearing in his trousers.


I put my lips so close to his that our lips were brushing each others. His hot breath got deeper and I knew he wanted more of me than he was letting on, and that's hard to do. As our lips brushed, I put on my sexiest voice and said, "Your wrong. I don't want you."


He muttered to me "If only I could believe that.."


I moved Harry to the side and jumped of the counter to sit back with Niall, Harry shortly followed and I knew that wasn't the end of it tonight...

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