Punk'd [Punk Niall]

He threatened to murder them. My family. The only way to save them, was to leave the band. So I left my life of luxury to save them. I faked suicide for my family.Now everyone thinks I'm dead. My family, friends, the band, the fans, everyone.They put me on the streets of rainy Seattle with nothing but a duffel bag with extra clothes. They put me in a gang living in the shadows. I went from the happy and sweet Niall everyone knew to the punk with too many tattoos living in the alleyways.

I am Niall James Horan, and I am a punk.

Copywright© 2013 All Rights Reserved


7. Chapter 6

Liam's POV

I lay on the couch in the same position. Red outlines of past tears were blotched on my cheeks, eyes drained of color, completely lifeless. You could nearly feel the sorrow and dread in the room. It was like a stench, but a stench that couldn't simply just be blown off. An odder of loss that stuck around, waiting for someone to shatter. And it wouldn't leave you be before you broke. Until you shatter into millions of pieces, until you are so broken that no one can put the pieces back together.

I hate the feeling it gives off. It feels like your drowning. And as the air in your lungs slowly go down, so does your time here on earth. And that reflex begins to kick in. The reflex to intake breath when you begin to run out. When it feels like your lungs are collapsing and you take water in instead of air. And when your final moments of life near, the more it feels like your dieing form the inside, death slowly seeping through the rest of your body until you are fully annihilated. You become just another victim of sadness and sorrow. The acing pain in your heart that was once just a little pinch, had become a deadly pounding feeling.

Just sitting here on the couch has given me a lot of time to think. I refused to go into my room. There were too many haunting memories hidden in every little object. Just a simple ipod that I used for our twit cams would make me explode into a human faucet. Or the tiny little stuffed bear he had brought me while I was in the hospital for my kidney held way too many memories. I turned my head to the movie cabinet. Memories flooded back of when we would always argue over what to watch. Niall always wanted to watch his all time favorite Disney classic, Finding Nemo.

The tears slipped out one by one. I miss him so much. So so much. My phone suddenly blarred my ringtone for a call from the boss himself. Simon. I picked it up and accepted the call.

"Hi Simon" I said with no emotion showing.

"How come you boys haven't showed up to any interviews or signings?! I am furious with yo-"

"Simon, Niall's dead." I had given up all hope of him being alive. There was just no way he could still be alive. He would of come back already.

A silence filled the phone line. I could hear his breath hitch inside his throat, trying to process it. Like he was drowning.

"W-wh-what?" he asked, comepleatly and utterly supprised at my response.

'He's dead. He committed suicide 'cause of the 'fans'" I said, using air quotes around the word fans, despite he couldn't see me.

"Meeting. My office. Now" and with that our chat ended.

I stood up, but was unsteady on my feet due to laying down for hours on end. I stumbled over to Zayn's door.

"Zayn, c'mon, we have a meeting with Simon" I shouted, knocking on the door. We all know when we have a meeting with the boss, we have to go. I heard a groan and the covers being moved off him. I moved on to Harry.

"Harry, meeting with Simon. Get ready" I commanded. I immediately moved on to Louis. He would be harder. HE hasn't moved or talked at all.

I causiosly entered the room to find him in the same place as he has been for the past three days. Tears sprung in my eyes at the sight. I walked over t the bed and sunk in next to him.

"Louis" I whispered. He shifted his eyes to me. They looked so grey, lifeless. Louis Tomlinson had lost all the energy he once had had left when Niall had. He was drowning in sorrows.

"We have a meeting with Simon. It's mandatory we attend" I quietly said, afraid to speak any louder. I watched as he didn't move a muscle. A single tear rolled down my face. Oh Louis. I got up and walked out the door. My back slid down the wall as more tears poured out. Then I heard movement coming from hos room. A smile grew across my face, an empty laugh escaped my lips.


He came out of his room in sweat pants and a jack will's sweat shirt. "Lets go Lou" I smiled, walking down the hallway, him trailing behind me. We met the rest of the boys by the door, dressed and ready.

"Let's go" Harry mumbled. We all walked out the door, driving off in the pouring rain. The ride was silent. Not a sound was uttered from any one of us.

We shortly arrived at the building and walked to the all to familiar door. I walked in, trailing behind me were three other depressed boys. Simon sat at his desk, eyes red and puffy.

"H-hello boys" he wispered. Mumbled responses were said back.

"So, I heard Niall is.....d-dead?" he questioned. I nodded, but Harry stood up in protest.

"He's not dead, missing" he corrected.

"How so" Simon asked, nibbling on the end of his glasses.

"Well, the day he left there was a few of his clothes visibly missing from his closet and his duffel bag, so we think he just left, even though he left a suicide letter" he explained.

"Is this true?" Simon asked Louis and Zayn. They both nodded.

"Are they gonna talk?"

"Zayn is still speaking, but Louis doesn't."

Simon mumbled something I didn't catch.

"Then, because one of you is 'missing', and another one refuses to speak", he paused to take a breath,"this is the end of One Direction."

"What, Simon please! You know this is our dreams" I pleaded, the other boys had hope in their eyes as well.

"If Niall miraculously comes back from the dead, then you will be a band again. Until then, goodbye boys" he said pushing us out of his office.

"No, Simon-please think about it" I shouted.

"Bye Liam" he said strictly, closing the door on our faces.

Jaws hung open, tears fell out. We are no longer one direction. Now we are just Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Harry.

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