Punk'd [Punk Niall]

He threatened to murder them. My family. The only way to save them, was to leave the band. So I left my life of luxury to save them. I faked suicide for my family.Now everyone thinks I'm dead. My family, friends, the band, the fans, everyone.They put me on the streets of rainy Seattle with nothing but a duffel bag with extra clothes. They put me in a gang living in the shadows. I went from the happy and sweet Niall everyone knew to the punk with too many tattoos living in the alleyways.

I am Niall James Horan, and I am a punk.

Copywright© 2013 All Rights Reserved


6. Chapter 5

Harry's POV

I walked into Louis' room with a plate of food. Grilled cheese and potato chips. His favorite. He took the news the worst. Believe it or not, but Niall and him were the closest. And he was always so protective over the little Irish boy. A fan threw something at Niall. A water bottle or something. Niall jumped at it and Louis hugged him as he buried his head into his chest. He gave the girl a death glare for hurting him.

I sat on the bed and observed him. He had tear stains on his cheeks and a soaked pillow underneath.

"C'mon Lou, you haven't eaten in three days" I cried. He still sat, motionless in his bed. But he did sit up. I perked up at his movement, but was let down when he just picked up a piece of chip that was smaller than a pea and ate it. He returned to his normal position in bed, head lightly on the pillow and looking at the ceiling.

"More than that Louis, just eat half of the sandwich" I wined. He picked up a half and took a little bite out of it. I notice him gag a bit when he swallowed it. Oh Louis...

I set the plate with barley touched food on his nightstand. "Just, please eat it. For us" I whispered. And with that I left the room with tears sprouting from my eyes. I walked down the hallway to my room. I slowly closed the door behind me.

I leaned on the door and completely burst into tears. He looked so broken. It completely broke my heart to see him completely out of it. So...broken. I need to get rid of this sad feeling. So I did what subsides the pain the best. I sung.

"Don't let me, don't let me, don't let me go. 'Cause I'm tired of feeling alone. Don't let me, don't let me, don't let me go. 'Cause I'm Tired of feeling alone" I sang in a whisper. I carried on in the song, despite the cavity that Niall left in my heart, the song only enhancing it.

"I promised one day that I'd bring you back a star. I caught one and it burned a hole in my hand.
 It seems like these days I watch you from afar,
 just trying to make you understand.
 I'll keep my eyes wide open."

I stopped to intake air. My breathing became shaky, but I continued on with the song.

"Don't let me, don't let me,
 don't let me go.
 'Cause I'm tired of feeling alone.
 Don't let me,
 don't let me go."

I sang the last part as quietly as I could.

"'Cause I'm tired of sleeping alone."

The tears pored out like a faucet. Oh Niall. We all needed him back so bad. Everyone is so damaged by his disappearance. Niall, we all need you back. Everyone needs you in their life to survive. I hope he comes back soon.

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