Punk'd [Punk Niall]

He threatened to murder them. My family. The only way to save them, was to leave the band. So I left my life of luxury to save them. I faked suicide for my family.Now everyone thinks I'm dead. My family, friends, the band, the fans, everyone.They put me on the streets of rainy Seattle with nothing but a duffel bag with extra clothes. They put me in a gang living in the shadows. I went from the happy and sweet Niall everyone knew to the punk with too many tattoos living in the alleyways.

I am Niall James Horan, and I am a punk.

Copywright© 2013 All Rights Reserved


5. Chapter 4

Niall's POV

"Exelent" E.R smirked. I smiled too, knowing this would give me so much more of a rush than singing.

"So, lets introduce you to our gang", he turned around to look at the roughed up boys standing behind him.

"This is Zeke, he is an excellent fighter. That's Shade, and he is really good with all our weapons. Then there is Jagger, Blade, and Briar, who are all really good fighters. You have already met D, he won't tell us his full name. He is really a great person in theft. And lastly there is Ebony. She's a really good handyman. She tricked out all our guns so when you shoot it doesn't make a sound" he finished.

"Okay then, hi. I'm Niall" I introduced with a wave.

"Niall" ER said. I looked in his direction.

"Welcome to the family." A large smile spread across my face. Maybe this was my fate, to just be a bad-ass punk. Not some pampered, wimpy celebrity in a gay ass boy band.

I smirk replaced the smile I wore, my eyes turned gray, and my sweet and soft heart turned stone cold. "Good to be a part of the family then."

Goodbye sweet and innocent Niall, and hello punk, bad-ass, new Niall.


 Louis' POV

I lay in bed, covered in tears and eyes red and puffy. I sniffled and turned over in my pillow to cry. I heard footsteps approach my door. The person sighed and walked off.

None of us are coping very well at all. All of us stay in our rooms to mourn all day. I know Harry comes out of his room to just get a drink and eat a bit. Zayn comes in to check up on us, but doesn't talk. Liam just lays on the couch and looks at the ceiling. I took it the hardest. I have fallen deep into a depression. I don't eat, drink, talk, I barley even move from my normal spot in my bed.

I just want Niall back. Now that he is gone, I wish I had spent more time with him, granite we spent nearly every waking second together as a band. He just lit up the day. His energy, his charm. And, no, I am not gay for Niall, he was just...practically a younger brother to me.

My door creaked open. Harry came in and sat beside me with a grilled cheese sandwitch and potato chips. I sighed and pushed the food away.

"C'mon Lou, you haven't eaten in three days" he whined. I picked up the smallest chip I could find and ate it. There Harry, I ate something.

"More than that Louis, just eat half of the sandwich" he wined again. I sighed and took a little bite. I nearly gaged as I swallowed the food. I wasn't used to eating. He set the plate on my nightstand.

"Just, please eat it. For us." And with that he left. For the first time in three days I got up from the bed. I picked up the plate of food and threw it in the waste bin in the corner of the room.

The blue walls no longer had that vibrant look, everything was dull. Nothing had life to it anymore. My eyes wandered over to the desk. A picture of Niall giving me one of his famous hugs sat peacefully in its frame. I screamed and smashed the frame into millions of pieces.

I looked at the destruction I had just done. I collapsed to the floor in tears. I just want Niall back. The person who could light up any room. The person who made every day worth living. The person who was my brother. The person who you could talk to any time, any day.

I just want him back. Niall back.


Niall's POV

-1 Week Later-

"Run guys" Jagger shouted. We all sprinted from the corner store. Cops chased after us like a little kid would chase an ice cream truck. Blade pulled up to us and quickly opened the door to the car.

"Pile in, quick" he ordered. We all got in and sped off. I checked out the back window for any police officers.

"We are clear" I shouted.

"Niall, you have a true talent. How did you not get recognized until you got out with so much stuff?!" ER asked, astounded. I shrugged and laughed.

"I just crept around quickly, grabbing as much as I could" I answered.

"So, what did you grab?" Ebony asked.

"Um, well lets see here", I dumped out the tote bag full of my findings,"lots of candy bars, popcorn, some soap, multiple bags of chips, and three cases of beer" I finished.

"Looks like your a pro at this" ER mumbled.

"Well it was pretty easy, the guy at the counter was asleep" I added.

"Yeah, and you aren't that bad with a gun in your hand either" he added.

I just nodded and opened up a case of Bud Light. I popped off the tab and took a swig. The bitter taste flowed down my throat like a river. I enjoyed the taste though.

I began to think about how my life has changed. In the pampered life, I never had privacy, and I was always looked down on by Modest and some of the fans. Here I can get privacy, and everyone accepts me. I guess my life changed for the better then. Out of the spotlight. Well, this could get interesting then.

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