Punk'd [Punk Niall]

He threatened to murder them. My family. The only way to save them, was to leave the band. So I left my life of luxury to save them. I faked suicide for my family.Now everyone thinks I'm dead. My family, friends, the band, the fans, everyone.They put me on the streets of rainy Seattle with nothing but a duffel bag with extra clothes. They put me in a gang living in the shadows. I went from the happy and sweet Niall everyone knew to the punk with too many tattoos living in the alleyways.

I am Niall James Horan, and I am a punk.

Copywright© 2013 All Rights Reserved


4. Chapter 3

Person In Van's POV

I dragged the Irish boys limp body to the doorway into the tattoo parlor. Aaron, my friend who would be doing all of his tattoos, held the door and scanned the otherwise vacant area for bystanders. I continued to drag him across the carpeted floor, dotted with tiny pieces of trash and loose strands of string that found there way in. I put him in the chair and propped his arm on the table.

I groped the wall for the light switch. I felt a tiny plastic knob come in between my fingers. I flicked it up and the lights illuminated and lit up the shop. I spotted my black Under Armour bag sitting aside the cash register. I walked over to it and fished out the two cylinders filled with a clear solution. I walked back over to the sleeping Irishman and held down his forearm. I put the needle through his skin and into his vein and pushed down the tiny circle. Done and he is still asleep. I disposed of the used needles and put the cylinder part back in my bag.

"Were you careful when you picked him up off the streets?"

"Yeah, and no one was out at that hour anyway."

"Good. We don't want either of us to go to jail again."

I nodded in agreement.

"Did you give him the stuff?" He asked. 

"Yeah, just did. He should be out for at least 20 more hours. He's not waking up." 

Aaron sat down in the chair and grabbed the needle and looked at me. 

"Where do you want him to have the tattoos?" He asked. 

"All down both his arms, some on his chest and all up his neck" I responded, motioning to the places with my hands. Aaron put the needle up to his skin and began to make the imprint on him. 

"You know since he's world famous and all people will be all over the world looking for him." 

"I know. But we wanted him. He seems like he could toughen up that sweet little boy persona anyway." 

"I'm just warning you, it's a dangerous game your playing here" he said.

"We know, but we have been running from the police for, what? Probably 10 months now? And E.R has since he was fifteen, so over twenty years. Were good."

"I sure hope so" he breathed. He finished the first one and moved on to the next. Thsi is going to take a while.


-6 Hours Later-


I looked at Aaron's work. Phenomenally he took the sweet Irish lad we had given him and turned him into a hardcore boy who looks like he could blend in with the gang.

"You did it again Aaron. Here." I handed him $400 for his work.

"Don't mention it. Thanks" he said, and walked into the back room of the store.

"Okay" I quietly said. I picked  up Niall's limp body and walked out the door. I went behind the brick building into the dark ally. I set him down and quickly ran away before anyone could see me.

Good job, good job indeed.

Niall's POV

I peered open my eyes to be met with a brick wall crumbling slowly and a hard concrete ground that my exhausted body lay on. I opened them fully to see my new world. Graffiti with all colors lined the old brick wall, names written or just random art. A dimly lit ally with only a flickering yellow light post with a boy that sat against it. He was tatted up with earrings with holes in them that pieced his ears along with a lip and eyebrow piercing.  

"H-he-hello?" I stuttered out. He turned his head to me. A smile suddenly lit his somewhat scary face. He stood up from where he sat and walked over and knelled down next to my frightened body. 

"Hey man, no need to be so scarred. Im D" he held out his hand for me to shake with a warming smile. "Niall" i shook his firm grip. He was supprisingly friendly. 

"Dude! Nice tats!" 

I took a look at my arms. They were lined with inked drawings and patterns. They went all the way up my neck down to my legs. I felt on my face. A bump came out of the spot right above and below my eyebrow and on my lip. They had given me piercings too. The little needles also lay on my ears. 

"WHAT THE FUCK DID THEY DO TO ME?!?!" I shouted. D covered my mouth to muffle my screams of terror. 

"Its all good man! Don't scream, the police could find us!" My eyes widened at this. The police are after them? Calm down Ni, you saved your family and the boys, feel proud about that. He released his hand from my mouth. 

" You guys are criminals?!" I whisper/yelled. He nodded.  

Just then I saw a silhouette walk behind the corner into the ally. He walked toward us as a frightened and scared look grew on my features. D must of noticed because he turned around to see what i was looking at.  

"That's the leader, ER" he said. ER came closer and stopped when he reached the lamp post that D sat under. He had defined cheekbones along with tattoos along his neck. Muscles made up his arms and legs. Now i know why they call him ER. "Hello Niall" he said. A smirk was on his face. "Hi" i said quietly. He leaned down to where i was still sitting.  

"ER, he is too innocent. Maybe we need to toughen him up" another guy suggested. He wore a dark hoodie with the hood pulled up hiding his face. ER nodded. 

"And i have just the thing for that." 

He grabbed the collar of my shirt and dragged me to a door placed in the ground. He threw me inside and shut the door, along with the many locks that were installed onto the door. The lights flickered on and a man probably in his early twenty's was tied to the wall, duct tape covered his mouth to avoid any screaming. E.R tossed me a gun loaded with a bullet. My eyes widened and looked at him. He motioned to the man.  

He wanted me to shoot him. Kill an innocent person. 

"WHAT?! I'M NOT GOING TO KILL HIM!" I protested. 

"Would you rather have the bullet go through you?" He asked with a small smirk. My mouth formed an 'o' shape. I sighed deeply and finally cocked the gun. The mans green eyes widened.  

I closed my eyes and put my finger shakily on the trigger. Time slowed down as i pulled the trigger back, and the bullet shot out faster than sound. I could faintly hear his last breath before the bullet went clean through his head. I opened my eyes to meet his dead green eyes. His eyes stayed open, almost mocking me at what i had done.

"Now, how did that feel?"

"I-I don't know how to describe it. I felt so....free. Like i was invincible. It was....glourious. Despite what I did."

"Would you like to feel like that all the time? All day, every day?" E.R asked, trying to convince me.

"I would love to."

"Then join us. Be like us and you can get that feeling of pure freedom and invincibility all the time" he whispered into my ear.

"I will join you."

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