Punk'd [Punk Niall]

He threatened to murder them. My family. The only way to save them, was to leave the band. So I left my life of luxury to save them. I faked suicide for my family.Now everyone thinks I'm dead. My family, friends, the band, the fans, everyone.They put me on the streets of rainy Seattle with nothing but a duffel bag with extra clothes. They put me in a gang living in the shadows. I went from the happy and sweet Niall everyone knew to the punk with too many tattoos living in the alleyways.

I am Niall James Horan, and I am a punk.

Copywright© 2013 All Rights Reserved


3. Chapter 2

Harry's POV

I read the note Niall wrote me over and over again.

Dear Harry,

Buddy, we had crazy times together! Remember that time I had just gotten my drivers license and I nearly ran you over? I remember those momernts and will cherrish them forever. And I remember all the X-Factor days, when life was so simple, and we just wanted to place first so our dream could become a reality. Looking back, I wouldn't change any of that, or else we might not be where we are today. I will miss you like crazy but I know that you have the other boys to help cope. Goodbye Harry, I love you.

-Niall <3

Why him? Why did the fans hate him the most? He was so innocent, and the fans ripped that away. Now being the most loved person in the group I feel terrible I didn't notice he was crumbling to pieces with every insult, every hater, every hate tweet, every time someone hurt him.

Or maybe Liam was right, he wasn't falling to pieces, he just ran away for an unknown reason. But what would cause him to leave this wonderful famous life. He was never phased by the hate, because he knew that we were here to pick him back up.

So then, what did cause him to leave?


Louis' POV

I pinned the note on the wall while the tears fell out like Niagra Falls. Why would he leave us so suddenly? Why did this have to happen? Did he recive a threat ffrom a hater, or did he finnaly give in to the haters and leave the band? I think he just left, because when people commit suercide, they don't take a duffel and pairs of clothes with them! I read his note the best I could with tears clouding my vision.

Dear Louis,

Louis you are my pranking buddy! I remember when we pulled the prank on Harry and straightened his hair and we poured Zayn's hair gel all over his hair and shaped it into abstract shapes. And when you went behind my back and put a bird in my room. Don't stop pulling your pranks when I am gone. Take care of the boys, they will help you cope with my leaving. Goodbye Louis. I love you.


I sank to my bed and burried my head into my hands. The fans don't know when enough is enough. They don't know how much words hurt. And Niall, he had it the worst. I wouldn't blame him for wanting to leave/commit surside. I think he is still alive. Lost in this big world somewere.

I just hope our Nialler is safe.


Zayn's POV

I haven't read Niall's note yet, I didn't want to cry in front of the boys. I locked the door to my room and began to read the note he addressed to me.

Dear Zayn,

Zayn, were do I begin? You were a brother to me, besides Greg, of course. You always listened to my problems and kept my secrets, and I can't thank you enough. I'm going to miss you so much that words can't explain. But I have to go. It''s all to much. Goodbye Zayn. I love you.


Tears fell to my bed as I mouned over Niall. I think he is alive, but he is still lost, and I miss him. My Niall. My best friend. My go-to guy.

I already miss him so much.

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