song of death

Blurb: *set in egypt unknown year of a story of the princess anabella. Princess anabella is son of the famous pharoh. Her dad won't let her go outside. She wants to see the outside world like her mum and dad. She never can because of servants are always guarding the doors. So one day while her mum and dad are having a dinner party she sneaks out and window and explores ancient egypt like she has always wanted to.


2. bored

I sit in my room looking out the window of people going to the Nile and getting water. I just want to go out one day and see it. I have always wanted to see the world. Well at least outside my room. I have nothing to do in here. Just sit and wait for dinner time. My family from Greece are coming to visit us. They had seen the Olympics and drew lots of pictures. They sell pictures to historians writing books about this time for the future. Their home is Greece but they travel through Greece at special events. They travel to the other countries like Rome and Egypt as we have big empires.

I start combing my hair looking out the window and singing the song my dad used to sing to me.

Oh bye bye bye is what you said

In no time I was singing the song of the dead.

Carving hieroglyphics in your tome

Your spirit has gone by half past noon

I sing this song as your spirit moves on

Saying goodbye , looking at your evil eye

Oh bye bye bye is what you said

In no time I was singing the song of the dead.

Oh bye bye bye is what you said

In no time I was singing the song of the dead.

Song of the dead

Song of the deeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddd

We had a few burials when I was little. Even then we didn’t go outside. It was through underground tunnels that we had in the basement after you open a door. We saw burials happen in the pyramid. Then we went back. I mean my brother has been to the village shopping with mum but I can’t go out to the Nile without a servant. I mean it is so unfair. That is all my life is unfair. I have no friends. No one to talk to.  I know that out there are lots of other young girls. Poor people who work to get extra money. Rich people who can go to school. They can go out whenever they want. Me no I must stay inside.

I know the first place I would want to explore. The land near the Nile. I hear there are lots of farmers round there and other jobs. I want to see how people who are poor live their lives. I know that they don’t have luxuries and live in straw homes and have lots of different jobs.
Suddenly, a servant comes in.

“Time for dinner lady Anabella. Today on the menu is deer and potatoes with vegetables. Come now lady and lord Manuel are waiting,” said the guard.

Yes, finally I can talk to people who know what the outside is like and know everything about it.

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