Snape's Love

Lexi Prince is a normal girl. However, she has been bullied for five years by her dorm room mates and is falling for Severus Snape. Her potions teacher. It's the year of Sirius blacks escape. What is in store for her and Snape's relationship? :-D read and find out!!!!!!


2. Really? Sixth Year?!


"Lexi, darling, come down the stairs. Please go to school! I have talked to Dumbledore about the bullying!" Dad shouted. I do NOT want to go back there. But I feel I have to. I dragged myself out of bed and walked into the bathroom. After washing, I changed and walked down to the living room.

"I'm ready. Lets go." I told Mom and Dad. I held dads arm and mom went separately. We arrived at kings cross in seconds. 

"Give me my things, ill go through by myself. Love you both." I kissed them both on the cheeks and ran through the wall. I didn't want them following me. It hurt them enough to hear about the bullying, let alone see it. 

"Awww, here's little dick head!-"

"-back for another year?-"

"-not that freak!-" 

"-what a loser!" I ignored them and walked past silently. Even some people's families thought me and my parents were no use. We weren't blood traitors but my interest in muggle fashion, and my parents allowing it, was enough. 

I got my stuff onto the train and ran to an empty compartment quickly. I didn't want to have to stand up all the way. I sat in with a teacher, I think. He had mousy brown hair flecked with grey and a rather shabby suit on. He looked asleep so I didn't bother him. I fell asleep into darkness. 

I woke with a start. The compartment door had slammed open and two twin boys came to sit down. Oh, it was the Weasley twins. 

"Hey, he's Fred-"

"-and he's George." I loved the way they finished their sentences. I had liked them since my first year. They were never nasty to me, but also never actually noticed me.

"I'm Lexi Prince." I said confidently. 

"Oh so your Snape's cousin?" Fred asked me. I was sick of this question. 

"No. Second cousin. I wouldn't say we were that related really." I said rather sternly. 

"Ok. Well, the others are full so we grabbed this one-"

"-hope you don't mind." George finished.

"Not at all." Then I drifted back into sleep. 


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