Snape's Love

Lexi Prince is a normal girl. However, she has been bullied for five years by her dorm room mates and is falling for Severus Snape. Her potions teacher. It's the year of Sirius blacks escape. What is in store for her and Snape's relationship? :-D read and find out!!!!!!


1. A Little Bit About Me


My name is Lexi Prince. I am 16 and going into my 6th at Hogwarts. I am the daughter of Andromeda Urquhart and Calcutta Prince. My dad is the cousin of Severus Snape, so yes, I am his second cousin. 

Naturally, I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I like to have the latest muggle hairstyles. I look in a muggle magazine called 'Ok!' and find the latest things. I am a pure-blood and a Slytherin. My parents are not all, 'hail pure-bloods' in any way. They like me to have what I want and make my own choices. 

I am a metamorphmagus. In Hogwarts I have been bullied for 5years now. I hate it. I live the school, I love the teachers and the way it all is. I absolutely HATE all the students. Mainly. There are some that I like, but I don't think they like me. 

I share a dorm with the three worst people ever. They are also my bullies. I call them 'the gang'. There is Indiana Crouch, Angelina Yaxley and Pertuatis Gaunt. Not a good mix of girls at all. Pertuatis is, as she is always saying is, the great granddaughter of Morfin Gaunt and therefore related to Voldamort in some way. Indiana's dad is something to do with law enforcement. Barry Crouch. Yaxley, Angelina's dad, is a death eater. How I love my sleeping arrangements!! 

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