My Best Friend~1D

~Heya! This is my first Movella; Hope you enjoy!~
Lily has recently moved back to the Uk. She was born and raised there until age 10. What happens when she meets her best friend-Niall Horan again??


2. Arriving Where I Belong~

Lily's POV



'We have now arrived. Have a nice time in the Uk!' The speaker said. I jumped up; I was home where I belonged. I grabbed my things. I didn't have much 'things' Though, i didn't even have luggage! Crazy right? I couldn't afford to buy new clothes every weekend like some people could. I had a hard life. I had to work and help my mother back in the U.S.A, she was raising 6 children by herself after my dad left her for a 25 year old b*tch! I was working at Starbucks everyday after school and after i did my homework; Sometimes I worked from 9 am-7 pm on the weekends. 

Anyway. Enough about me! I board off the plane, it was my Mothers idea for me to have a chance to start a new life. As I walked through the airport, I noticed there were screaming girls, fans and reporters. There were loads of camera flashes. I was looking around, who celebrity is it now? Justin Bieber? As i was lost in my thoughts, I bumped into someone that knocked me down.

'Oh My God! I am so sorry!' His british accent was the kind of accent girls would fall in love with.

'Its Okay...' I say standing up and facing the stranger- Wait...thats not stranger.. that's Lou! My best friend.. well he used to be my best friend.. then one night he left for the X Factor, and never phoned me again.

Louis grinned. 'So whats your name Love? ' He asked. That sentence was heart breaking. So he didn't remember me after all; A tear escaped my eye. 'Are you okay?' Louis asked, concerned. 

'I Uh-' I just ran out of the airport and to my old house, and un-locked the door and ran to my room grabbed my old guitar and started to strum it. I decided to sing 'Teardrops On My Guitar' by Taylor Swift.


Louis' POV



Huh? Who was she and why did she run off like that.. but she did look familiar. The Boys walked to me, of course, they saw the whole thing.

'Who was that lovely girl Lou?' Harry asked grinning.

'I don't know, i never got her name; And she seemed sad..' I say, worried.

'That sucks, but you might see her around course!' Liam said, assuring me.

We walked out of the airport and to the limo, we just joked around in the limo until we arrived at my house. We had the house to ourselves. I looked out the window to see the same girl at the airport on her balcony with her guitar singing... she was in my best friends house. I remember Lily so well. I didn't say goodbye the day i went to the X Factor. I felt guilty straight away. Then- it hit me. That WAS Lily.

'LILYYY!!!!!' I screamed out of the window. Lily turned round and gasped.


Lily's POV


I gasped as i heard my name coming from Louis, I jumped off my balcony landing on my feet, to be greeted by Louis and 4 other teenage boys.

'Hey Lou..' I say, almost crying.

'Hey Lilzy..' He says. Awkward Silence....

'Wanna come in and have some tea and introduce yourselves to the boys?' He asked. I nodded and followed them inside.

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