(This is for the (the coldest girl in cold town)compotison)
I'm a monster a blood sucking monster I'm 18 and I
Live in an stolen home in collonsport my name is Hannah
Collons ��


5. My Killer is my lovers best friend

I walk in side an walk in to the huge kitchen and grab

a apple gust because I'm a vampire

dose not mean I can't eat people food then I 

think of something if Louis was humen then why

was he so strong and left me so weak I touch my neck 

and feel a huge werewolf bite mark h-he was a werewolf

but... I need to find him I vampire run up sters 

and tack of my slutty dress and grabe 

riped jens an a t-shert with a tiger on it and 

Spiks on the shoulders and Lether boots 


I walk out the collens port house and run to the

park "o look it's the girl I terned in to a very sexy vampire"

i spined around with the famous hair flip

"you runed my life I'm a blood sucking monster"

i yeld" o but your rong now you can live for ever"

my killer said"grr so wats my killers name"I said my names

zane Zane mailk "he said omg now I can find Louis I ran up to him 

"tack me to Louis NOW" I groled

"and why is that " Zane said "he-he got me pregnant " I wisperd then I broke 

down I hugged my knees and cryed"aww come hear my little Hannah "he said

i didn't move I was frozen 

he picked me up bridle style and walked to his car 

by now I was asleep my last thoret was 

were is he tacking me

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