(This is for the (the coldest girl in cold town)compotison)
I'm a monster a blood sucking monster I'm 18 and I
Live in an stolen home in collonsport my name is Hannah
Collons ��


3. Lust

I un buted his shert and pants then he toke over and unzipped 

my strapless mid thie dress of he was saprised to see no under wwe're iquickly

slid of his bboxers and 

I was screed to see his dick it was 12-13 inches 

he stuck it in with out worning I screemed and dug my nails in to his back 

his dick was up in my tummy "hurry" I wispers in his ear he started going in out in out I moned 

as he went in and out rilly fast our hips slapping together then he started rubing my

clit I moned he ruded my cilt so fast and hard I cumed all over his dick 

he then cumed on my tummy

louis quickly stuck a finger in me and whent 

in and out rilly fast then two fingers and three fore five it was a mixcher of pain and pleasher

he then stuck his holl hand in my dripping wat pussy and whent in and out super fast 

i screem

and and moned till I cumed agen he then left with his closes leaving my 

to tired to get up body I soon fell asleep 


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