(This is for the (the coldest girl in cold town)compotison)
I'm a monster a blood sucking monster I'm 18 and I
Live in an stolen home in collonsport my name is Hannah
Collons ��


1. Getting oM m

   2 years before

I was slowly walking home from an egsorsting day of work 

at the hospital sadly one of my people died so my rank went

down SWOOSH "who's there" I say SWOOSH "who's there" I shout 

i was getting scarred suddenly I was pushed to the ground I groned in pain 

then a hand was pot on my neck and mouth I screemed but iit was muffled

a hot breath was breathing on my neck I thort  I'm going to die "you got

that right" an unknown said"help" I screemed but it was muffled 

"I'll make it quick ok" the stranded said as he bit my neck

with his sharp tangs my body felt as if it was on fire the man let me go and 

neld by me "bye" he wispers as me snaps me neck then it gos black


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