(This is for the (the coldest girl in cold town)compotison)
I'm a monster a blood sucking monster I'm 18 and I
Live in an stolen home in collonsport my name is Hannah
Collons ��


4. Finding him

/the next moring/


i woke up then realized I lost my meal

dam I pick up my dress and pot it on

im not a slut it's gust when I'm hungry I 

do stuff I reget and I regret this a lot but vampires 

vampires can only get prego with witches,vampires,werewolfs,ghosts and mermaids

soooo.... I'm safe cas he was totally a humen

i walk out the pub and go in to the ally to see if I can so people on hangovers 

and lucky for me an teenage boy and girl we're siting on the

ground groning and Moneing from the pain

i walked up to them "need help" I asked em thay nodded

i pulled out a nockout drug so thay get knocked out with in 5 

secces I handed the drug to them and thay got 

knocked out faster then exspecterd  I ran vampire spead to

them and and bit the girl she tasted roten when

i was done I licked her bite and it disappeared 

I did the same to the boy but he tasted 

beter very sweet I wiped my mouth and walked

out the ally mouth and then started

walking home I was right in front of my house

when I herd the loudest screem

then I new someone had found the girl and boy

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