(This is for the (the coldest girl in cold town)compotison)
I'm a monster a blood sucking monster I'm 18 and I
Live in an stolen home in collonsport my name is Hannah
Collons ��


2. 2 years latter

2years llatter 

I was siting in my huge bedi mean like huge

15 people could sleep on it and still be roomi was on my 

ipad watching humans vine thing but its funny so I watch

em suddenly my mouth squirted venom it ddose that when 

im hungry I was planing on going to the pub and

get a drunky to drink you see I love auckahol sso drunks 

tast rilly good


/at the pub/

i walk in to the pub the song I love it is on and people are grinding up on each

onther I walk up to a hot guy wearing stripes and has green blue eyes I look at him closely 

and find out its Louis from one directson I grab his arm as he stumbles over 

yep he is rilly drunk "hay hay if you want this you have to earn it sexy" 

i looked in to his eyes and compelled him to fuck me

we walked up steris in to a room and I locked the dore



"man your body is so sexy I gust whant to stick my dick up your wet 

pussy so hard you will be screaming my name so loud the holl ccity will 

hear you


i walked up to him and sat on his lap face ing him I felt him go hard 

" your hard oredy" I wisped in his ear 

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