Oh Cruel Irony

Disease has poisoned the realms, claiming it to The Flesh. Fight back with what you have, but he has spoken, "Win no war, be overwhelmed."

Death is upon all those who fall and all those who resist. Fight back with what you have, but you can not win.

(i dont really like writing long chapters ... the first one is long cause i didnt know it was to be a story >.<)


2. Messanger Bird

There sounded a silent thud as the ancient, leather bound novel slid from Grindell’s open palm. Her rocking chair creaked with an eery, yet calming beat, synchronizing with the hushed swish of the fresh afternoon breeze. Grindell's peaceful snoring hummed out, past the wooden door, to meet the chittering of birds resting upon the tree branches in the estate's garden. Their song intertwined with the swooning tune of Adison's harp, lulling young Grindell into her deep sleep.


"Cast the net of hope, with callused hands a-tight. 

Lest the rope will slip, sink down and out of sight. 

Soon the bells will ring, 'Soon' this man will cry.

Hear his voice and listen, he tells but not a lie."


Grindell awoke to the voiceless, yet hurried tapping on her shoulder.

"Ain't you go a wanderin' miss," the coarse whisper of Adison's voice echoed in her ear, "There big on's out, mighty big on's." A shiver traveled right down Grindell's spin. Big on's, the big on's were out. The thundering footsteps that shock the very foundations of the earth. The deafening roar of victory as another city fell. Sharp, clingy memories stabbed Gindell's thumping heart. Slowly her head turned in Adison's direction.

"But big on's don't go here, right?" Her voice shook with the vibrations of fear that resonated through every living creature who knew the truth. Big on's never follow the rules. Out of the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of a small, sea blue bird drop from the lightless sky. Fear was a powerful weapon.


"Where cloud touched cities, blossom and thrive,

Thoughtless of death, and fear, they dive.

Down to the depths, where flesh rule the realms,

Thus he speaks, 'Win no war, be overwhelmed'."


It fell like a rock, the blue flyer plummeted to the earth. With a sullen splash, it plunked into the circular pond by the overgrown garden wall. Once again silence fell. Grindell looked away as spasms of fear shock her to the bones; she grasped Adison with her helpless arms. 


"Flesh rule the realms with trembling fear,

Red hot eyes that draw too near.

Dread that creeps up behind with horns,

That spikes neck-hair up like ridged thorns."


Crouched upon the garden wall was a warrior. "Tis like the very tears of heaven." she whispered with an ironic smirk as the blue bird disappeared beneath the cool waters of death.


"The hidden corners of your bedroom, 

Hear voices chat, veiled by gloom. 

Creaky stairs when there's no one home,

Resist if you can, try, oh whispering dome"


She tossed her head back and, gritting her teeth, said, "If the earth could weep as you, we would drown in a flood of sorrow." With great agility, she hopped down from the garden fence and trotted over to the pond. Reaching in she dug out the blue bird and in one swift movement, plucked the arrow protruding from it's hide. Returning it to her quiver she raised the bird to eye level. It's orange-green eyes stared back at her, like a mirror to another world. 

"Hear my cry, oh man of no lies. Irony shall rule a dozen more years, but a dozen more years no more. The warrior is coming." As she spoke to the mirror, the bird began to twitch. With a flutter of its wings, it rose above her head to hear the last of the message before returning to its master.

"Fear me."


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