Memory Lane

Jynix is in love with Danny Jones and he loves her back but the story of the two meeting and Jynix past don't go down well with everybody, Espially Fletch


1. Memories


*Flash Back Starts *



Year: 2000 

"You never listen!" Mum shouted at me,

"I never listen, I can be friends with who ever I want" I yelled back,  Mum groaned and then sat down on the stool.

"I'm sorry, why don't you spend the night in the park"mum said. The park was where all my friends hung out so I wasn't one to argue.

"Okay" I said, I was a bit unsure about the whole situation but I ran upstairs, and started packing anyway. I stopped to think about why my mum had changed her mind but soon continued packing.

I grabbed my flip top off my self and texted my friend to tell him to meet me down at the park, I then grabbed my monkey backpack and headed down the stairs.

"Should be back around 1.30" I yelled to my parents as I walked out the front door.

"Okay" my mum yelled back. I headed down the streets towards the park. I was nearly half way there when I saw my best friend James coming out of his drive way.

"Hey James" I yelled to him, he looked surprised to see me but tried his best to hide it.

"Oh Hey JJ" he said back smiling. We continued walking until we finally arrived at the park. I was surprised to see my other best friends Charlie and Matt already sitting on a log.

"Hey guys" I said trying my best to hide the fact that I was surprised to see them.

"Hey Jynix" they said back smiling

"James told me you were heading down now so I left before him to go and get Charlie" Matt continued. The rest of the night went on pretty much the same we were laughing and making jokes it wasn't until 3.00 am that I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning next to James on one of the park benches. I grabbed my bag and searched for my phone.

It was only 12.50 in the afternoon no wonder they hadn't gotten up yet. Just then James yawned and sat up rubbing his eyes.

"What's the time?" He asked

"12.50" I said without even having to check my phone.

"And how do you know that" asked Charlie, scaring both me and James half to death. "Sorry should of announced the fact that I was awake" 

"Yeah that would of helped" joked James I stared at Matt only to see that he was still asleep. Charlie followed my gaze and got up to find a long stick.

When he returned he looked at me and James as if to say get into positions,  I looked at James only to see that he was already running towards the bathrooms.

I looked around to find the trunk of the tree that owned the branches that hung over the sleeping male figure, when eventually I found it.

It's trunk was large and thick but I eventually made it up to the branches and was placed exactly above Matt.

Charlie then chucked me a pot of jelly and a can of fizzy. I took the lid off the jelly, poured in the fizzy and slushed it around until it was a think sticky liquid. Then Charlie took his place behind a tree that was close to Matt.

He poked Matt with the stick, Matt sat up and looked around after a while he looked up and that was my cue. I dropped the pot and it landed exactly on his face he jumped up screaming like a girl and ran towards the bathroom I hopped out the tree laughing and gave Charlie a high five.

James ran back laughing with a not so happy Matt following behind. He looked more mad than ever but when he reached us he started cracking up laughing and we joined in.

It wasn't until 1.30 pm that we started to get hungry, so we all headed back to our houses to grab some food to bring back. All the boys had already made it to their houses, but mine was just a little further than the rest.

When I reached the house I saw my mums car pull out of the drive my dad was in the passengers seat my mum was driving and my older sister was in the back. I thought that they must just be heading down to the shops or something so I continued down the drive.

I grabbed the note that was taped on the door as I walked through. It was only until I had reached the kitchen that I figured that I should read the note giving the fact that it was addressed to me.

I lent against the kitchen workspace and unfolded the note.

The message in side read:

We've had enough of your shit. We're done.

A single tear escaped my eye. So many emotions rushed through my head.

"Are you okay" asked James walking through the kitchen door.

"Yeah" I said scrunching up the note and heading to the pantry.

"You don't look it" he said walking towards me and giving me a hug, I didn't realise what he was doing until it had happened, he grabbed my hand and pulled the piece of paper out of it.

By now Charlie and Matt had entered the kitchen.

James read the note out loud already knowing who it was from. The boys looked astonished at what the note had said.

"So where are you going to stay, I mean your not legally aloud to live by yourself" James said looking at me.

"I don't know" I replied being honest about the whole situation

"You could live with us I mean me and Matt are moving out to live with Charlie next week I'm sure my parents would put up with you for a week or two" James said again

"Is that okay with you guys?" I asked Matt and Charlie

"Hell yea" Charlie said smiling before walking towards me and giving me a hug "I already consider you my sister" Matt didn't say anything but instead he nodded his head and gave me a huge hug

"Well that settles it then" James said smiling at me...

Flash Back Ends*

Jynix's POV

I was woken up from my flash back by a tall brunet man.

"Your boyfriend wants to talk to you" he said in his nice but firm voice

"Ye..." I start in a high pitch squeaky voice I then clear my throat and start again "yeah okay" I got up from my seat and wiped away the single tear that had escaped my eye.

It took at least three minutes to get to the room that my boyfriend was in. When I arrived I saw my dark brown haired blue eyed boyfriend sitting on a tattooist chair, his right arm covered with fresh ink.

"Hey Jynix" he said in his Bolton accent. I smiled at him.

"Hey Danny how are you" I asked him.

"Fine my arm hurts a bit though" he said smiling at me. He leant in to kiss me but the tattooist cleared his throat interrupting us.

Danny pulled away from me and looked me in the eyes before turning back to the tattooist.

"Is that all for today" he asked.

"Yes that is all" the tattooist replied. Danny got up and followed the tattooist to the front of the shop.

"Did you know that he was still here"he asked.

"Not a clue" I replied. We both started to laugh, Danny turned to the tattooist who was now standing behind the register

"How much" he asked.

"Fifty Dollars" said the tattooist Danny grabbed his wallet out from his back pocket grabbed a fifty dollar note out of it and handed it to the tattooist.

"Do you fancy getting something to eat" asked Danny as he pulled up his hood and put on his glasses.

"Yeah okay" I said as we headed out into the street. It took about five minutes before we made it to Danny's Astin Marton DB9.

I sat in the passengers seat as Danny walked round the back of the car to get to the drivers side. "So where are we going to go" I asked as soon as he got into the car.

"It's a surprise" he said smiling at me. I sat back in my chair everything was silent.

"Hey Danny do you have any music I can put on" I asked

"Yeah in there" he said pointing to the glove compartment. I opened up the glove compartment and pulled out all the CDs that were in there.

"What do you want to listen to?" I asked.

"Um I don't know, what about Bruce Springsteen." He replied

"Okay" I said finding Danny's Favourite Bruce Springsteen album and putting it into his CD player. "So can you tell me where we're going?" I asked

"Um I guess I can tell your where abouts we're going" he said.

"Well..." I continued

"Bolton" he said.

Of course Danny was born in Bolton and every chance he got to visit home, he took. We had now left London and were in the country side. Danny had turned up the music and was singing to his hearts content.

the car ride went on for another half hour.

We arrived in Bolton just as the album finished. I removed his cd and grabbed a eminem album out and put that in we were half way through the song Stan when Danny stopped the car.

"We're here" he said taking off his seat belt.

As I took off my seat belt Danny lent towards me and kissed me on the cheek. I got out of the car followed by Danny, who now had a frown on his face.

"What's wrong Danny?" I asked slamming the car door.

"I wanted to open your door" he said the frown turning into a smile.

"So..." I started

"So... What" Danny asked

"Where are we?" I continued.

"You'll see" Danny said grabbing my hand and dragging me through a doorway and into the restaurant it's self.

"Danny we're not... are we?" I asked 

"Yeah we are, Jynix welcome to the white rose" Danny said to me as he walked through the restaurant.

"Danny this place is like the most expensive restaurant in Bolton" I complained.

"Yeah well it's not like I'm gonna run short of money after one meal" he said taking off his glasses. "Can I help you" said one of the waiters.

"Yes a table for two" Danny said taking off his hoodie. A slight murmur began in the room. As we followed the waiter to our table people started to star at us.

"Are you Danny Jones" asked one of the girls sat at one of the tables.

"Yes" Danny said turning around.

"Oh My God. Can I have a picture with you please" asked the girl.

"Sure" he said walking towards the girl.

"Can I have your autograph" asked another girl from the same table.

"Sure" said Danny taking the pen from the young girls hand. Danny walked back towards me and we sat down to eat. "What do you want to eat?" He asked. I didn't answer instead I stared into his crystal blue eyes.

I turned back to the menu that was in my hands.

"I'll take the chicken salad" I said to him

"Okay me too" he replied I looked at him and started to laugh.

"What is it?" He asked.

"Your hair is a mess because of your hood" I said pointing to his head. He grabbed his iPhone and looked at it.

"Oh God um I'm gonna need to buy a hat or something" he laughed.

"Yeah" I agreed.

"What would you two like to order" asked the waiter giving both me and Danny a fright.

"Uhh um two chicken salads please" I stuttered.

"And drinks" continued the waiter.

"Uh one red bull please" Danny replied.

"And one lemon lime and bitters please" I continued. After we had eaten we headed down to the hat shop where Danny brought a snap back as we were walking back to Danny's car his phone started to ring.

"Hello" said Danny talking into his phone. "Okay will do see ya there" with that Danny hung up the phone. "That was Dougie I need to meet the boys in London you could come with us or I could drop you home your choice"

"Uh I don't mind I mean me will the boys mind if I came?" I asked

"No They wouldn't mind, I mean you haven't seen them for at least a couple of months they'll be wanting to see you" Danny answered.

"By they you mean Tom and Dougie" I said.

Me and Harry didn't exactly get on very well.

"Oh come on please" begged Danny.

"Fine" I finally agreed. Danny was right it had been at least four months since I had seen the boys considering that they had been on tour for the past three months and I had to go to France for the first month for exchange and this was the first time I had seen Danny since then. I hopped in the passengers seat and sat quietly until we were out of Bolton and in the country side.

"You okay" asked Danny.

"Yeah why?" I replied

"You seem a little quiet" he answered

"Ah it's nothing" I said,

Danny turned on the radio and to cheer me up he started to sing along to the songs even though both of us knew he couldn't rap. When we arrived in London it only took another five minutes to get to the studio were three boys stood out side waiting.

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