"I must run. I don't know why, but I must run."

Clarissa, not quite normal, must run. She must find her sister, Marianna, who has been taken from her. She doesn't know who took her, she doesn't know why, but she is determined to find out.


4. I Can't Run

I must run. I can't run. The venom is killing me, the loss of blood is killing me. I look at my leg; it has taken a chunk out of my thigh. Not to the bone though, only a deep flesh wound. Only. I laugh, hysterical, my vision blurred. I throw up to the side, my body weak. What a lovely way to go.

"Clarissa, heal yourself." My older sibling's image appears in front of me. She is pale, a patch of blood spreading from her stomach on her nightclothes. "If you don't, you will die."

"Are you dead, Marianna?"

"Taken. Heal yourself, help is coming I promise."


"I haven't much time!" She snapped at me. "Just heal, they will help you. You are strong, you can do this."

"Who took you?"

"A God."

"God doesn't exi-"

"A God. Hades, probably."

"Greek Gods?" She nodded, fading away, "I will find you, I promise."

"I know you will, Clarissa, I know." Her voice echoed around the alleyway.

I felt numb, I couldn't breathe. I must heal. I braced myself and sat up, groaning as my body throbbed. I tried to undo the zip on my bag, my hands swollen. I got it open, found the first aid kit, poured TCP over my wound, crying as it stung. I bandaged it up, and stood up, wanting to be out of the mess I made. Pain is in the mind. I walked to the end of the alley way, leaning heavily on the walls and umbrella before passing out.

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