Zayn needs an Angel

Zayn has a huge dark secret but when he meets Angel he feels as if he could have a single bit of good in him and Angel's sister Vanessa who at first didn't feel welcomed is stuck getting to know the other four, Niall, Harry, Louis, and Liam.


5. Trust me ( Sexual Scene)

Zayn's POV

I shook my head to her words. I wanted to Ha believe me but i felt so guilty." Are you sure? This is what you want..." i looked into her eyes and she seemed so scared but she noded yes. " If this is what you want then.... Be Mine." Again i looked at her and this time she seemed more calm , like those words put her at ease. "Make Me Yours" She giggled and blushed as she said those words and i went crazy over those three words. It kept replaying in my head for a minute which made me excited but i quickly calmed myself knowing im gonna have to be so easy..... I pulled her close and kissed her lips slowly and there hers arms went back around my neck . My hands rubbed her back and eventually i undid her bra and slid them off her slowly. I looked to her to make sure she was okay and then continued. Kissing down her neck was hard for me to maintain a steady head but i managed even though everything in my body wanted to...i spent quite a while around her neck, even though hard i left my marks everywhere dark circles and red arks were starting to form and as i did so my hands explored her bare breast, softly cupping them and moving them slow and i heard her breathing already becoming quite unsteady which i laughed slightly at. My lips soon traveled down further on her breast while my hands started sliding down her panties and taking them off and moving my mouth further down biting at her stomach i lifted up my head when i heard her gasp and smiled " You might want to hold onto to something love" and she looked confussed at me for a sec and then i started kissing down her thighs. She grabbed onto the sheets and closed her eyes and my tongue slowly licked down her slit and soon entered in her entrance, moving it around i could hear faint sounds escaping her and it didnt take long for me to feel her get wet. my hands unbuttoned my pants and pulled them off along with my boxer throwing them to the floor while kissing my way back up her body. I'd never been so slow and it drove me crazy. I kissed her lips and moved my length slowly against her slit and i broke the kiss just to look at her for approval. She was hesitant at first but she just nodded her head having her hands over my back. I positoned my tip at her entrance and kissed her lips a bit hard pushing inside her slightly just sliding in my tip in and feeling her hands press against my back and then gave her time to adjust. Again i pushed my length more inside about half way and i gasped against her lips slightly breaking them apart feeling her inside clamp tight and she winced at the pain and dug her nails into my back, it was hard to go so slow and i almost broke but after i felt her relax i finally pushed myself inside all the way and she mumbled under her breath with a tear coming down her cheek." I.... I'm so sorry Angel" i said and kissed her tear. "P-please keep" she begged and I did as she asked. Slowly i started to move inside and i kept driving myself to the edge but never went to fast for her. I made sure i didnt hurt her.


Angel's POV

He was so big and it hurt so much but even i myself felt fragile along with him. He was so patient and slow that it made it better and the pain eventually went away and i started to move my hips with his. It was passionate and his lips never left mine only to groan a bit or catch his breath and same with me. Soon enough he felt safe and started going faster and i began to enjoy his length sliding inside and reaching places that sent shocks everywhere and my lips had moved to his ear and moaned in pleasure each time he thrust into me making my nails dig deeper into his back and scratch down it , Eventually he go to fast and my breathing got to heavy along with his to keep up. It felt as if he was going so fast it broke any laws of physics but it became clear it was pleasant. I slightly sreamed and whinced out at any little movement scratching all the way down his back. His breathing was heavier then mine and i couldn't take it much longer " Z-.. Zayn ple-please..." i moaned out in his ear but his speed picked up even more. " N-Not yet.." he said and biting at my ear. He became shaky as did i and at a last triumph he went as fast as he could and groaned "No-Now...." and i listened feeling everything in my body swell moaning loudly echoing through the room and as did he while feeling something warm slide inside. After finishing he hung over me and then collasped to the side of the bed next to me slowly regaining his breath .soon wrapping his arms around me and kissed my lips soft and slowly. " Angel your okay, right ? I didnt hurt you. Oh god i d-..." i cut him off and kissed his lips again. " I'm fine hun.." i said meaning every word of it but then again i was more then fine .... i felt perfect and complete. He held me close and i head my head on his chest and as our breathes returned to normal we both faded away into a deep slumber.

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