Zayn needs an Angel

Zayn has a huge dark secret but when he meets Angel he feels as if he could have a single bit of good in him and Angel's sister Vanessa who at first didn't feel welcomed is stuck getting to know the other four, Niall, Harry, Louis, and Liam.


1. The Begining

Vanessa's POV

"Uggghhhh Its to early" I said rolling over my bed waking up to my alarm clock.

I get up and turn off my alarm clock and walk into my sisters room across the hall. I see her sleeping and yell at her to get up but she didn't even budge, so I grabbed on of the pillows off her bed and hits her with it.

"Get up its 12 in the afternoon we got things to do today"

I see her roll over and fall off her bed, flopping herself to the floor and I cant help but laugh. I walk out the door laughing knowing for sure she's awake and go back to my room in my bathroom and get ready to take a shower.

Angel's POV

I feel frightened. Someone is behind me and I feel there breathing down the back of my neck but its so cold unlike normal breaths being warm, whatever it is it wasn't human but I was way to scared to turn around. I feel a hand on my shoulder and I get chillz going down my spine. I can feel pressure on my shoulder turning me. Then I feel something soft hit me and I open my eyes to find out I had a bad dream. I slightly open my eyes and turn in my bed but I didn't know I was at the edge of my bed and end up falling on the floor. All I hear is my sisters laugh while shes walking out my door and I slowly raise my head and get up from the floor and go in my bathroom and looks into the mirror.

"My dream, so bizzare but who was behind me ...or what was behind me should be the better question" I think to myself as I splash water onto my face and start to get dressed and walk out to the kitchen and see my sister sitting by the kitchen counter eating bacon and eggs and I run to the stove to find my plate.

"Thank You" I say grinning and looking at her and her blank facial expression.

"Someone's tired" I laugh and see her nod her head.

"So whats on the agenda for today" I ask curiously.


Vanessa POV

I'm still so tired even after my shower, I didn't get to much sleep last night just tossed and turned and I don't know why. I went to the kitchen and made bacon and eggs for the both of us. I sit down at the kitchen counter and start eating my food when my sister walks in and runs to the food and tells me "Thank you" but i was way to tired to even reply. "Somebody's Tired" I hear her say as she chuckles and I nod my head in agreement. She's always been a morning person unless we go drinking or something the night before but besides the point, I never understood her in the mornings always hyper but its kinda funny to see. "So what's on the agenda for today" she ask me, I thought to myself for a bit then I said "Well we don't have much to do today but we can go shopping down at the mall I need to get some things and u can look for a couple outfits I suppose" she just jumps and screams with excitement. Ugh, I swear her and her clothing always been her favorite thing exspecially shoe shoping she atleast has 25 different pairs of shoes and she surprisingly wears all of them. After finishing breakfast I grab my keys and Angel and I head to the mall.

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