Zayn needs an Angel

Zayn has a huge dark secret but when he meets Angel he feels as if he could have a single bit of good in him and Angel's sister Vanessa who at first didn't feel welcomed is stuck getting to know the other four, Niall, Harry, Louis, and Liam.


4. One kiss led to another and another

 Zayn's POV 

I couldnt take it anymore those lips were tempting me and i had to make them mine. I wanted to make all of her mine she was so beautiful and innocent, something rare like a diamond. I let my thoughts take over me and I crashed my lips onto hers. I had to be careful with her, i didn't want to hurt her and at times i can definetly under estimate my strength I wanted to be easy and gentle. For a second she was tense and then she eventually gave in smashing her lips with mine and right there I knew she was mine. Her arms wrapped around my neck and i slightly moved my hand down to her bum and slowly i lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist and i walked over to her bed lightly laying her on her back. I leaned over her never breaking the kiss i so despretely needed more of. Slowly i bit down on her lower lip and her body tensed up i smirked knowing that i just found gold so to speak. She slowly raised my shirt over my head making us break the kiss and after my shirt hit the ground i quickly kissed her again, breaking the kiss made me want her more and it made it harder to control myself.  I raised my hands up her waist, under her shirt which looked so cute since it was 3x her size and slowly I pulled it over her head, feeling her back lift to make it easier for me. There was still 3 layers separating us and that wasn't okay with me. But suddenly, dragged out of my thoughts i heard her whimper and I stopped moving in general, it was like the world just came to an end for me. I didnt think i was hurting her and i dont think i was either. I looked down to see her eyes watered up and i quickly picked her up and opened up her covers on her bed and put us both under the covers. I caressed her cheeks and lifted her head looking at her straight in the eyes."Love? Whatever i did im so sorry. I'm sorry if i hurt u. Tell me what i did, please" My non-existant heart sunk and ther thought of hurting her just named everything go numb.


Angel's POV

All of a sudden i felt the warmth of covers over me and a cold hand on my cheek and looked up to see Zayn's worried eyes and he asked me what he did wrong but he did nothing. The truth is.

"Zayn I-... I'm sti-still...". His eyes widened and looked at me in shock and almost anger.It went quiet and Zayn was all tense and then everything smoothened.


Zayn's POV

How. Could I. Be So. Stupid! I almost took her innocence away i'm not anywhere near worthy of that or am i worth her pain. I was mad at myself. I slowly calmed down and looked into her eyes and dug down deeper into her covers so my eyes where aligned with hers. I wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her close and didn't lose eye contact. " I am so Sorry love. I didn't know I wont do anything. I swear it." She just looked at me in confussion. " Why are you sorry?" she said.

" Your not ready and i get that but im not worthy of that. Or worthy of you. Your innocence is just to precious for me. I couldnt take that." i said and my head was down by this point i felt almost disgusted and guilty. Then I heard it...


Angel's POV

" What if i wanted you too..?" I looked at him in the most serious expression and his face went hard but also looked in confussion. " No I couldn't Angel, Love I feel like i would break you." He said and his eyes wondered everywhere except for my eyes. " Zayn its not that im not ready... I- ... I just get really nervous. But..." i was cut off by him " Please no but's.. " He whispered to himself. I looked at him , placing my hand under his chin and pulling his head up forcing him to look into my eyes. "But .... Zayn.. i wanna t-try.." I said shaking already my body was tense but i managed to be somewhat convincing. I Think I Loved Him. And that seemed enough for me. I already seem to trust him and even though we havent know each other long he was my favorite person i felt more trusted to him then my own sister. I want him and at that moment i decided I Needed Him.


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