Zayn needs an Angel

Zayn has a huge dark secret but when he meets Angel he feels as if he could have a single bit of good in him and Angel's sister Vanessa who at first didn't feel welcomed is stuck getting to know the other four, Niall, Harry, Louis, and Liam.


3. Days After

Angel's POV

I couldn't stop thinking about him. The name Zayn Malik stayed in my head and wearing his jacket all the time didnt help either. I still had failed to call him to return his jacket but what would i say 'oh hi Zayn come get your jacket' no it doesn't sound right or at least thats not what i want to say. I even slept with the jacket a time or two... okay maybe a little more than two but it was soothing to sleep in it his smell just made me melt, I know i have to get it back to him and it's already been a week after so I guess i need to give him a call. i picked up my phone and grabbed the receipt in the pocket of the jacket and dialed the number on the receipt into my phone and kind of hesitated to press call but eventually after staring at it for a couple seconds i pressed 'call' and put the phone up to my ear and listened as the phone ring. It seemed like forever that the phone would ring and i looked at my clock and it was already 10 pm, maybe he was asleep already but then just as I was about to hang up the phone picked up and a deep, low and tired voice that made me go crazy on the inside, "Hello?" he said. " Umm Zayn? It's Angel. You know the girl you let lend your jacket." i heard his laugh on the other end " You could've just said it was Angel you know? So I take it you've out used my jacket?" he said in his tired and almost seductive voice. " Hehe Well i thought you might want it back eventually" I said with a little smile on my face." What's your address? I'll come get it", he said."1340 South pearl Ave. Wait you mean right now? It's pretty late i mean i didn't expe-" he cut me off lightly giggling. " Love, are you telling me you woke me up to ask me when i wanted to pick up my jacket practically teasing my " i could just imagine the smirk on his face when he said that " Wait I woke you up?! Im so sor-" i was once cut off again by his laugh that now over the phone i had melt and fallen in love with. "I'm pulling your leg love, ill be over in 10 minutes" he said and i can hear him moving " O-okay" with that he hung up and i sat in my room questioning weather i was ready to see him again. For the next 10 minutes i sat at the corner of my bed when all of a sudden i heard the tree rattling and i looked up and there he was, Zayn decided to climb through my window as if he was trying to sneak around as if we were teens again. " You know theres this thing called a door" I said slightly smirking and laughing. " The window just seems more mysterious more my style" he said as he was fully in my room on two feet leaning against the wall next to the window. When he came into the room a cold chill came crawling in like the one in the elavator which made me get goosebumps once again. I looked over at Zayn and i noticed he was moving my eyes up and down my body biting his lip which drove me crazy know that lip biting was one of my biggest turn ons but i managed to keep myself steady until it hit me.... I was only in my panties and a big T-shirt. For a second my heart raced and felt like it was on the verge of busting out my body got tense and Zayn could see that i got tensed and he just laughed and removed his eyes from my body to my eyes. " Sorry Love, did i come at the wrong time. A little heads up next time on the pj party" He said biting his lip even more. " I-I'm S-Sorry, I forgot that i was just in this I'll change I'm sorry" i said slightly looking down at my toes. " Love, It's fine" Hes said and he took a step towards me and placing a finger under my chin and raising my head and looking into my eyes. His eyes seemed cold and they looked black but they were also gentle in a way, being so close to him it felt colder but at the time i didnt mind and for a minute it seemed as if me and his the siezed to exist on the planet. He turned his head and saw his jacket on a hook on my wall and looked back at me " You know what love, keep my jacket. It looks good on you" he said as he moved his hand from under my chin to my lower waist and his other hand was placed on the other side and both pinkys caressed my hip and I felt his forehead against resting against mine. " I know we may not know each other all that much but-" he stopped. " Hehehe But?" i said wanting him to finish. "But i feel so attached to you like your something i need to live. I dont know maybe i'm crazy for thinking so" his eyes starred down as if he was about to be scolded and the truth is i kind of knew what he was talking about and i thought the same thing. Yes, i know i dont know him really but i already felt this like emotion bond towards him. Maybe it was just the endless night sleeping in his jacket that was talking. This sudden urge came over me stronger then i can hold back. " Z-Zayn..?" I said knowing what i was going to say or do next. I was still debating it all in my head. In the end my thoughts were answered for me and Zayn didn't even answer back. His soft lips crashed onto mine and for a second i hesitated but then I kissed him back and slowly my hands moved from my sides to up his chest finally meeting wrapped around his neck.


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