Zayn needs an Angel

Zayn has a huge dark secret but when he meets Angel he feels as if he could have a single bit of good in him and Angel's sister Vanessa who at first didn't feel welcomed is stuck getting to know the other four, Niall, Harry, Louis, and Liam.


2. A Breath Taking "Hi"

Angel's POV

We got to the mall and I can feel the excitement in me build up. She said 'cute outfits' haha, she amused me she and I both know ill get at least a pair of shoe's if not more. Maybe a cute a cute lil cut off t-shirt and jeans to make her happy but other then that just show me the shoe's. Vanessa and I were in the elevator to go to the second story of JC Penny's. Before the doors of the elevator closed a man walked he was about 5'9ish he was wearing a Black leather jacket with a white shirt underneath kind of tight showing his abs and then black skinny jeans with Black Vans. He was wearing sunglasses so I couldn't tell what color they were, I just guessed they were just this beautiful brown that just sparkled when u looked into them and then his hair, Black almost fohawked in front. I stopped my self in my thoughts "Was I really checking him out" I thought to myself almost confused as to why. When he walked in I got the chills but there was no draft or anything, it sent goose bumps all over my bod and a earie feeling was put into place when he stepped in. The feeling felt so familiar and I thinked about it as the doors of the elevator closed then it hit me. "My dream" I said in a whisper not knowing I had actually said it, it felt also real except the man was in front of me and I was with Vanessa. "What did you say Angel" Vanessa voice pierced through my thoughts. "Huh?, Oh nothing" I said in a not so convincing voice. I went back to my thoughts but was quickly interrupted by the man " You ok there love? You look a tad bit cold" I didn't notice till now that I was shaking a lil-I quickly stopped about the fact that I was shaking and thought "!! He has a British accent" I thought in shock. His voice was like an angel so soothing and soft but at the same time mysterious and ... dangerous but it was kind of a sensational feeling when he talked almost breath taking and mouth watering. I could feel myself bite my lip a lil "Oh yah im fine its just a lil cold to me I guess" he smiled peaking through the corner of his mouth then he started taking off his jacket. It startled me when he pulled the jacket over my shoulders. It felt as if at any moment he cud push me up against the wall and I would be stuck between his arms but then he placed his hands back down to his sides and smiled. " You know, no lady should be cold its a bloody shame to see them shake and not being able to wrap them up" He said, it was cute a lil cheezy but cute. I could smell the fragrance of his calone it smelled unbelievably good, one that would make your mouth water. "But what about your jacket, surely you would want it back" I said in a concerned voice. He just smiled and asked if either of us had a paper and pen. I reached in my back pocket and pulled out my wallet which had all my old reciepts, I pulled one out and gave it to him. Vanessa found a pen and he wrote something on the paper and folded it. As he came closer to me it almost felt as if me and him were the only one in the elevator. He put the folded up receipt in one pocket of his jacket and his other hand was placed on my hip and then he slipped his other hand down to the other side of my hip and then he pulled his head down and whispered into my ear "When ever you want to return it just give me a call, love". My heart was racing, his bottom lip touched my ear when he spoke, my legs felt wobbly and weak my breathing got heavier and it was all so over whelming, I was speechless because I was so wrapped up in his words and the way he spoke and held me it was like I was in a trance. I heard the elevator doors open and he let go of his grip on my hips and started heading out the automatic doors and I quickly snapped back into reality and said "Wait!?". He quickly turned back and held his hands a little higher above my hips on my waist and his fingers lingered in my shirt a lil feeling my bare skin. "Yes, Love?" he said in a whisper which I only heard and I whispered back "I never caught your name". A smirk came across his mouth and he leaned over again and I could feel his lips closer to my ear with both bottom and top lips slightly touching ear, "Zayn, Zayn Malik" his breath hitting my ear sent chills up my spine a lil moan came out of my mouth that only he heard. "And yours, love" he whispered again in my ear and I could feel my legs getting weak all over again. "Angel, Angel Wilson" I whispered back. "Beautiful" he said and I couldn't help but let another moan come across my lips. He then let go of his grip on my waist and headed out the door again I stood there speechless as I could see the 2nd level floor but I couldn't move cause I was scared that I would just fall, my legs felt that weak.


Vanessa's POV

Wow, did I just really watch all that, she almost literally melted in his hands. "Wow Tiger, You feeling ok there?" I said in a half joking voice. She just stood there as if her soul had followed that man out. I snapped my fingers in front of her face and she finally returned back from her, well whatever you want to call it. She looked at me with shock. "Is it just me or did you see all that too?" her eyes widened. "You mean the part were u literally almost melted in his hands?, No I didn't see that at all." I said in a sarcastic tone. "Who was that guy anyway?" I asked confused. "I-I-I don't know" she studered trying to find her words. "What do you mean I don't know?" I waited for a more reasonable response. "I mean- well his names Zayn, Zayn Malik" she sounded happy, but she didn't even know this guy yet, they had acted as if they were together for a life time. Finally we left the elevator and spent the next 2 and a half hours going from store to store shopping for outfits and of course shoes. By the time we were home angel walked in with like 6 full bags of nothing but shoes, shirts, pants, and even 2 or 3 little summer dresses, leaving me with 2 full bags of 5 different full outfits. That night me and her fell fast asleep feeling tired of all the shopping and walking around.



Hey Guys :) I know it took me forever to update the second chapter been kinda busy with school but I hope you guys like it so far I think its really good for my first movella and I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Byes Lovelys <3

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