I Was Never The Hero

RusAme fanfic. Rated yellow because I honesly have no idea what I'm going to throw into this story. Please love it to death. :)


2. You Missed It

"Ok dudes, so are we all here? Good. The gathering of countries to discuss world problems has now started!" I called out, putting both hands on the table in front of me. The other nations around me were chattering quietly amongst themselves, or doing other various activities. England, for example, was drinking a cup of tea and sending glares to France who was leaning against the wall, blowing kisses to him. Italy was doodling on something, while Germany pointed at stuff on it, looking slightly annoyed. I noticed a few countries like Liechtenstein and Switzerland were not there, but then again, they only came when there was actual important trivial matters. Most of these meetings ended in argument and fighting. We could all agree that most of the time it was France and England trying to decide whose dick was bigger (theoretically) or England trying to tell me something that I never really can hear over the cheeseburger stuffed into my face. 


"So the problem today is... What was it again?" I scratched my head, peering at the notes before me, but I just saw some doodles of England proposing to France. I chuckled.


"U-Um.. I believe it's world hunger..." Someone said quietly, and I looked up to see my younger brother raising his hand.

"Yo, Canadia, can you talk louder? I can't hear you broseph." I said, then England interrupted. "Sorry chap, but I think you've gotten his name wrong yet again." He peered at me over the rim of his teacup, a small smile on his face.


"Oui, mon ami, his name is Canada. Soupirer, it is almost like you don't even know your own brother." I waved them away, laughing.


"Haha, whatevs dudes, He knows what I mean. Right, Canadia?" He looked around, sort of worried as almost all of the nations turned to him to hear his answer.


"U-Um.. well-"


 "See, I told you! Anyways, let's get on with the meeting. World Hunger, yo!" I interrupted. I pulled a whiteboard over to me, and started drawing on it. I pulled away, showing everyone what I had drawn.


"So here's the dealio. We get all these American restaurants to open up on every continent, and when people eat them, they grow these massive muscles and stuff, and they can then start working in mining or something. And I know this is the right decision, 'cuz I'm the hero!" I smiled, giving them all a thumbs up. Audible sighs and groans came from every direction.


"My my, you're so illiterate and stupid that when you tried to explain your idiotic idea to us, you must have caused yourself more brain damage." Britain chuckled, setting his teacup down on the table. 


"Why do these restaurants have to be American? Why not have China restaurant, then everyone have good time and full belly!"China exclaimed, and gave his panda some food. South Korea smirked at this.


"Why have food at all? Let's just force people to work until starvation. That can take care of overpopulation." North Korea chopped his head, then turned to China. 


"No, we should figure out what to do for Africa. They are needing the helps the most." South Korea shot up from his chair and started smacking his brother, yelling about oppression or something. This caused an uproar as China and some other nations tried to pull them off each other. 


"Eh bien, this reminds my of Britain whenever I finish first." France chuckled, making his way to the door. England shot up so fast that his chair fell back, his face red with embarressment.


"Oi, you stupid frog! The bloody hell did you just say??!! I'll wring your fockin neck, I will!" He shouted, running after him, which caused yet ANOTHER fight to break out. I laughed at them, making a note on my pile of papers to tell everyone about this new information. I looked up suddenly, feeling like I forgot something.


"Hey Russia, why haven't you said anything yet?" I asked, the other countries stopping their fighting for a moment. Everyone looked to the spot where Russia was supposed to be to see an empty chair. 


"Huuuh??" We all murmured. Russia was always there. Hmmph... Where the hell is he? I frowned, worried now. 


"Meeting ajourned. I'm gonna go find Ivan." I shouted, then ran out the door before anyone could object. 




I stepped up towards Russia's house, and grimaced at the mess it was in. I peered in through the dark window before knocking on the door. This is kind of... really depressing..


"Yes, I am coming to the door now! Hold on a second!" The deep Russian accent could be heard through the closed door. I ran a hand through my hair just as the door was thrown open to reveal Russia pulling on a shirt hastily, his bare chest showing through the unbuttoned parts. His face fell as soon as he saw me. 


"Oh. It just you. Sorry, But I am not in mood to fight today. Go away." He started to close the door, but I slammed a fist against it, keeping it open. He turned to me, a frown plastered on his face. 


"What you want, fatso?" He said, clenching his hand up. I ignored the fatso comment and pushed past him, closing the door behind me. 


"Where the hell were you today, bro? You missed the meeting!" I declared, tapping a foot. I glanced around at the mess, then sneezed. "Ugh, have you been cleaning at all?" He shrugged, and flopped on the couch, a puff of dust coming up from under him. I sneezed again, and pinched the bridge of my nose. 


"This is ridiculous dude. You can't be seriously living in this shit." He shrugged, taking off his shirt. "Will not be needing this." He muttered, and threw it on the ground. I scooped it up and threw it back at him. He glared at me, and stood up, towering over me.


"Are you just here to complain about my living space?" He demanded, taking a step foward, causing me to take an involuntary step back. I snorted, crossing my arms. 


"No, I came because I was actually worried about you, but I guess you're still an asshole." I smirked, then started moving towards the door. He slammed me against the wall, trapping me between the wall and his body. I was scared, but I didn't show it. I looked up into his eyes, eyebrows knit together.


"I am asshole now, da?" He whispered, his hot breath washing over me. His face was too close, my heartbeat was racing. He pursed his lips then let me go, turning away from me and picking up a bottle of alcohol from the floor. I let out the breath that I had been holding, and tried to not make my voice crack.


"If you're just going to live like this, you might as well live with me. I can send someone over to clean it up for you." I offered, still shaky. He tilted back his head and laughed. 


"Right, you and me live together? What will the other countries say, hmm?" He guzzled some of his drink, then wiped his chin when a drop dribbled out the side of his mouth. This was starting to annoy and sadden me now. I picked up his shirt and overcoat, going behind him and began to try and put them on him. He struggled with me, pushing at my face. 


"What the hell are you doing??!" He shouted, dropping the empty bottle onto the dusty couch. I struggled to get the shirt on him, and he bit my arm. 


"OUCH!!" I yelled, and punched his jaw. He clutched the spot like I actually hurt him. "I'm not going to let you drink yourself to death here by yourself!" I yelled, huffing and clutching my arm. He turned around, mouth in a tight line. He blinked a few times, shaking his head.


"I do not know why you worrying about me." He mumbled. I sighed and finally got the shirt on him, and I started to button it up for him. 


"Not every single person you know hates you. You may be my enemy, but I still care." He looked up from the ground at me, surprised. I finished the last button and nodded at his coat. 


"I'm sure you can put on your own coat bro." I stated, running a hand through my hair and taking a step back, my heart speeding up again. Ivan smiled, and picked up the coat. He settled a big hand on my head, and ruffled my hair. 


"Maybe one of these days, I let you become one with Russia." He slipped into his coat and fixed his scarf. I shook my head, smiling as well.


"No way dude. Democracy is the only way to go." We both laughed, back into our own comfort levels. As we made our way to the door, I peered back into the house, wondering how the hell anyone could fix this. Then I peered back at Ivan, who was staring at me. 


"I'm not going to regret this decision am I?" I asked, scratching my forehead. He smiled, shrugging.


"Do not know, Do not care. I have already accepted offer. Let's go now, da?" I nodded, frowning at the mess one last time before shutting the door quietly. I better not regret this...

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