Diana,a soft lovely young adult who loves to decorate,loves to sing,dress up,and just do everything a nice girly girl does.
But Diana has a family secret that until now,it will be revealed.
Her uncle,is the husband of Maura Gallagher,the mother of Niall Horan,who is part of the most famous boy band all around the world.... One Direction.
Diana didn't know that,and for the past couple months,she's been in love with Niall,but now that's impossible..
But Niall isn't the only on single...Now is he?
Diana is in for the biggest turning point in her entire...life


2. The Surprise Dinner




The Surprise Dinner



"Deep in the meadow,under the willow...a bed of grass,a soft green pillow"  my high pitch voice sang to the air.


I hummed the rest,and picked at the grass,I loved siting in front of my house,the grass was always green like a lemon,the sky was like the oceans of Miami,the air was warm and breezy.


It was nice.


It was mid July of 2014,Ireland had those bipolar seasons like any other country.


I lived on my own,besides my two puppy's,I was the owner of a beautiful light tan house.


But my mother always visted,pretty much everyday she would stop by.


In Fact, i was waiting for her to get here.


My neighborhood was always safe and sound,no police sirens,no firefighters,no gunshots,nothing. It was always quiet.


Thats why i loved it here.


A smile curved up my lips as i saw the same white mini cooper turn my way.


Mum was here.


My feet lifted themselves up,and i dusted my back side,walking  just a little closer to the driveway


I could see my mum smiling and waving,a wave which i quickly returned.


"hey"i mouthed.


The car slowly parked on the pavement,and the lights shut off.


The reason my mum came 24/7 was,because she always updated me about tommy and lucy. 


Tommy was my brother,he was disabled and he couldn't talk or move...basically he was in a permanent coma.Lucy had down syndrome,she was special,very special.


I loved them both and i wanted to know what was going on with them.


Apparently after i was born,my mother took the displeasing honor of returning to her habit of drinking and smoking.Lucy is like that because of her,but Tommy has a kidney problem..sometimes i just cry because i would do anything for them to be me and i to be them....they don't deserve that.


"hey Diana!" my mum called out with a smile.


"Mum!..." i exclaimed with her matching grin.


"hey babe!...how did you wake up today?" she rubbed my back as we both walked up to my front steps.


My beautiful mother always cared for me.


"good!  Very good...how about you?" I replied twisting the doorknob to an open nice AC house that had a fish tank,and two mini dog houses,weird I say that.



"Oh ok! And wonderful! Tommy can chew now!,and Lucy knows how to say No!" I helped mum with her purse by putting it on a hanger,and later both of us say down on my table.


"That's great mum,I always knew they were gonna get better throughout their life" I smiled. This was good news to me,like it was very delightful to hear my little brother could chew,meaning that he could eat better healthy stuff,instead of the same tube that was attached to his tummy. And my little sister was slowly developing her gift of speaking.


"Yeah...I'm very happy,the doctor said that tommy can only eat fruits like soft strawberry,kiwis,blueberries,all those soft chewy things...no hard food" she looked down at a near newspaper.


My eyebrows raised,and I thought about them as she read the black and white article...


My brother tommy was only 6,and Lucy was 4.They were still children,they were innocent,and I would take the nerve to hurt someone if they tried bullying them when older.


As a big sister,I also had the job to worry about them.


"Diana" my thoughts were interrupted by mum. "Yeah?" My finger tapped at my left temple.


Mum smiled,and rubbed my knuckles.."I have to ask you something" here we go again.


Mum always thought I was bringing men to the house,and that how much I wasted or if I had gotten a job yet....Ugh.


"what.." My eyes flew to her fingers that softly swirled around my flesh.


"Uh...well first let me ask,are you free tonight?" She pulled up her glasses with a crinkle of her nose.


Why was she asking me this?


"Uh Yeah"!i responded.


She looked happy at my answer,I wonder why.


"Great!...ok,well,my brother,Bobby is in town,with his family,they've just come back from a long trip with his son,and well,I offered them to come here to eat dinner...is that fine?" She smiled.


Uhh. What?


My mum had a brother?...


"Uhm" I chuckled "Mum...you have a brother?..first of all,why didn't I know that?,and second of all,...I don't know,are you gonna help me clean up afterwards?..I don't know what to cook!?" I held my panic back.


Mum seemed to chuckle too.


I hated cooking,I was never good at that!..I mean I are so much but like simple things like macaroni,or cup soups,or already made rice...Chinese food?..but I wasn't a fan of all those meals like meat with chicken,green herbs with a delicious beef soup,or you know..big meals.


I was used to the original.


almost American!


I loved being Irish,but sometimes I felt American...


Being completely honest here!


"Dear...he's not my brother from blood,but he & I have known each other since 2nd grade,from what I remember,and well I call him my brother,he calls me his sister...and plus,his son is adorable,I think you'll like him.!" Mum exclaimed...she actually thought I was gonna fall in love with a guy in snap... -_-


I laughed "Ok mum,but what about the food?" That was my serious question because if she thought I was gonna cook!?....um Nooo...we don't even wanna have a crumb!




"Dont worry babe...im gonna cook,so I'll be here a bit later on ok?..." I nodded.


If she was happy,then I mean ok it was totally fine with me!


"Wait mum,before you go..do you know what Bobby's sons name is?" I asked..one reason for an unimportant question was...I had a friend who's dad's name was bobby.


"Neel,Nole,Nilie..I don't know..it's a bit like that,I'm not familiar with him,but It starts with a N" she got up And walked up to the hanger grabbing her purse.




"Oh Ok!..I hope he's cool..." I walked over to the door.


Quite a fast visit,she would stay longer,but she had some food to make.


"Yeah,uh ok babe,I'll see you around 5:30,is that ok?" I nodded "ok then!..well bye babe,I'll call you later" MUAH she planted a big kiss on my forehead and left with that.


I stared out the window,and saw the Mini Cooper leave it's position.



Neel!?...Really!?....Neel Isn't Even a name!








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