Diana,a soft lovely young adult who loves to decorate,loves to sing,dress up,and just do everything a nice girly girl does.
But Diana has a family secret that until now,it will be revealed.
Her uncle,is the husband of Maura Gallagher,the mother of Niall Horan,who is part of the most famous boy band all around the world.... One Direction.
Diana didn't know that,and for the past couple months,she's been in love with Niall,but now that's impossible..
But Niall isn't the only on single...Now is he?
Diana is in for the biggest turning point in her entire...life


3. OMG...He's Niall...





I slipped into the tight black sleeve dress,that I loved the most. It really showed off my curves and my arse...to be straight here I was a bit insecure..I wanted people to think I had a nice body.


Although I had medium sized hips and medium sized arse,I wasn't completely satisfied.


I zipped it up,and tripped my way to my straightener. Like I said...it was a dinner...I had to look good for first impressions!




"Are they almost here?" I asked my busy mum who was still walking around the kitchen with a worried face.


"I don't know Diana,just stay there and wait" she seemed annoyed,couldn't blame her,she was the one in charge of all this!!


"ok" I mumbled staring at my shoes.


I was wearing black pumps,I loved high heels,it just made me look a bit taller,but nothing big..maybe just half an inch.


,I was just worried that whoever my moms "brother" was...he wasn't gonna like me.


I mean I know how to make friends,but adults...it was hard for me,although I was 19,I mean ok.


I did only put eyeliner mascara and lip gloss,I didn't need to look like a MAC supermodel or something.


My heart sank into my stomach as a black nice looking car pulled In across the street from my house..


I chewed on my lips,I began getting anxious,a nervous emotion...


"Mum...they're here" I gulped a lump of saliva.


"Oh!..alright dear open the door please?" What?!..Uhh....Mmm....ok.


Here went nothing.


Seconds later the door rang,I jumped up my seat,and peeked through the hole.


It was a man,his wife was still getting a bunch of food out the car,and the son was out the car,but he was reaching inside for something.




I opened the door,letting the. Bright sun enter the house,and soon was greeted by a big smile.


"Hello!..you must be Diana" he shook my hand.


My smile was weak but convincing,ugh I hated having to greet people.




 my arm gestured for him to enter,and I waited for the wife to come.


Meanwhile my black pumps became my point of view,I liked how I looks in them,my two toes showing a glowy hot pink china glaze.


I smiled.


"Hi!..are you Diana?" A female voice said,I looked up to see a very elegant lady walk in with a nice purple dress and both her hands full of pots and aluminum packages.


I Smiled and let her in..now it was the son,so I just stared at the sun for a while.


Until his voice caught my off guard,making my eyes widen..


"Hello Love...Are You Diana?" Those black ray bans,white v-neck with black skinnies and same white high too sneakers,the small quiff in his dirty blonde hair...Niall...


"Mm" i made a weird crying and moaning sound. 



"y-yeah...Are You Niall?" I chuckled.


He laughed,and nodded "How'd You Know?" I smiled and let him In.






I looked over to the dining area,Mum was greeting his parents...Neel?!.. I felt the sudden urge to giggle.


Mum was trying to say Niall...


I smiled.


But then it's like I awakened.


OMG....He's...H-Hes Niall Horan.....FROM ONE DIRECTION??!? 




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