Diana,a soft lovely young adult who loves to decorate,loves to sing,dress up,and just do everything a nice girly girl does.
But Diana has a family secret that until now,it will be revealed.
Her uncle,is the husband of Maura Gallagher,the mother of Niall Horan,who is part of the most famous boy band all around the world.... One Direction.
Diana didn't know that,and for the past couple months,she's been in love with Niall,but now that's impossible..
But Niall isn't the only on single...Now is he?
Diana is in for the biggest turning point in her entire...life


1. IntroductionTiiII







Hello,my name is Diana Jane Adger,I'm 19 years of age,I'm 5"6,I have medium sized blonde hair,my eyes are a mixture of blue & Brown...Ehh,sorta weird and cool I guess?


I Live in the country of Mullinger,out in areas of Ireland....:) I'm Irish!


I love to sing,I love people!


But not as much as I loved Niall Horan from One Direction.....I Loved him the most.


i was a big fan geek and stuff...but I couldn't deny It any longer.


He was the love of my life.


I loved him too much,and it seemed as if.....we were related or something.


I mean every Irish girl probably thought that too.


But with me and him....I always felt a connection at the hearing of his name.


"Niall"....."Niall Horan"


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