A new friendship or more?

Ally is just a normal teenage 17 year old girl she moves to England to find herself ,but along the way she meets Liam ,Liam Payne will they just become friends or will they fall for each other?


15. who are you?

    Liam's POV

  I walk in and there she was laying lifeless  " well hello Liam "  I looked up and saw dr. smith " hi dr. smith how she doing ? " " hmm well she is in a coma as you can see and um how do I say this well when she wakes up her memory might be a little ... fuzzy "  " what do you mean ?"  " well I mean she might not remember a couple of things ' oh ' I said then the door open : liam we came as fast as we could " harry said ' yeah well looks like she might not wake up in a while "

    * week later *

     harry's pov

      why did this happen to her? why not me ? I was thinking I was next to liam and lets just say we didn't look to good . well basically me and liam are at the hospital its close to midnight me and him have been here a whole week liam hasn't left the hospital at all heck he hasn't moved from that chair .  we are all miserable niall has barely eaten , zayn  doesn't care what he looks like , Louis hasn't cracked a joke , i don't think my eyes are as bright , Valerie .just sits around and even the dog doesn't run around or barks and worst of all liam hasn't smile or talk at all . you see we might have only known ally for a month and a half but she is one of the nicest person we've known. after a while i was getting tired and i shut my eyes and drifted off.

      Liam's POV

     well harry just  fell asleep and ally hasn't woken up . i feel awful if only i was paying attention. oh , oh FUCK FUCK i scream at myself ugh ive never been one to cuss but im angry  ... angry at myself . i look up at ally and take her hand in mine and kiss it " oh  ally im sorry this is my fault  i ugh i messed up no i fucked up if only you could hear me ugh ally i love you please , please wake up  i need you . wake up for me and if not for me , for the boys and scott and  val  please " i said feeling the tears run down my cheeks with my voice cracking. "  who are you? "

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