A new friendship or more?

Ally is just a normal teenage 17 year old girl she moves to England to find herself ,but along the way she meets Liam ,Liam Payne will they just become friends or will they fall for each other?


4. movies and sleep overs

Liam's POV

" so boys i'm going to invite a friend over alright?" " oh liam its that girl right hmh hmh  " Louis says.  " Guys she's just a friend plus even if I did like her she would never feel the same way " I say looking down " wow liam  I haven't seen you like this since well ever your never nervous around girls " " well I have never met a girl like her she's just different a good different." "well mate you've always help us with girls and now well help you now what are you going to invite her for?" "well im just going to invite her for a movie and a sleep over " oh a sleep over liam you've only known her a week!" "not like that you dirty minded sicko !" "well were going to make this place nice and clean for this chick liam dreams of " so the boys started preparing and I texted ally.

Ally's POV

I was in the living room when liam texted me' get ready put on pjs and im picking you up." "huh well time to get ready. I took a shower put my hair in a messy but cute bun and since it was cold some batman pj pants the matching top and hoodie and some pj boots . after I grabed my phone charger and heard a knock and saw liam ........in the matching batman pjs I have and at the same time me and him said " nice pjs " "well lets go then alright". So the ride to his was fun we just joked around and he was telling me about when niall  got lost at the mall. So we finally arrived at his flat and when we walked in I saw alot of food in bowls and when I say a lot I mean enough feed a neighborhood. " so you just planned this?" "yeah why you don't like it?" "yeah I like i'm just surprised " why so surprised ?" because how long did it take you to do this? " " oh it help when you have four mates think that its more than just friends watching a movie." "haha they think were dating we've only known each other  for almost two weeks ." " I know I've been trying to t-" " well hello love birds and nice to meet you ally i'm Louis !" " oh know I understand oh and I know im a directioner ." " wow Liam you got a nice one " harry said coming out of a room " we're just friends " me and liam say at the same time "wow you would look cute together " niall said coming out of the kitchen me and liam both blush and zany come out and says "look they're blushing "  and me and liam blush even deeper. "well lets stop teasing them and start the sleepover and movies oh nice pjs." niall says.

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